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Rogue Trader Skirmish Game

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This has been posted in news and rumours, but I think it's applicable to Agents of the Imperium as well since that's wherea Rogue Trader would fall. Warhammer TV just released this video:




The Rogue Trader stuff definitely looks like it has a ton of potential for Inquisition acolyte applications. The Naval Armsmen look pretty dang cool especially, but looks like there's a Death Cult Assasin among the crew as well and other stuff easily used by =][= type forces. Here's a still:







(with a tip of the Ordo Hereticus pilgrim-style hat to Frater fire golem)

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Thanks for sharing !


I was looking forward to a rule set. Now I need to buy the damn box for those bloody minis.

I should probably just forward my salary to GW if the Killteam releases are this awesome. :p

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I’m kind of meh personally on the Necromunda models so far. When they come out with Arbites and Redemptionists THEN I’ll joint you in saying we’re doing good for models!

I don't know, van Saar make pretty good Inquisitorial storm troopers. And the gang boxes/ upgrade sets are a good source of esoteric weapons

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Inquisition would seem to be a logical home for bringing some of these and the Necromunda models into the main 40k game. While a Rogue Trader faction would be quite doable, it seems to me that the constitution of the army would over-lap significantly with an Inquisition one, given both would be composed of eclectic teams of specialists. Actually, a Rogue Trader could be an alternative HQ for an =][= list.


Looking at the teaser pictures, if GW had captioned then as “an Inquisitor and his Warband purge a Nurgle Cult”, I’d have had little difficulty accepting that.


In terms of the Necromunda models, a Henchmen troop choice that happens to have the same war-gear options as the Necromunda gang boxes wouldn’t be too surprising.


P.S. That chap with the electrical coils could make an alternative Jokaero.

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