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Space Marine Company in 8th


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Has anyone run a 100+ Marine Company in 8th?


I want to get my Skulls to a full company and play them. Its just under 2k points I think for a codex company on foot. I am wondering if it's effective at all.

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I think it's more viable than before with the ability to wound almost everything on a 5+ at worst, as well as being able to fall out of combat you don't want. As Bluejay said it wouldn't be the best list but should gain much from being unexpected. In essence you're applying the benefits of horde (good in 8th) to an elite army. Along with suitable weapon upgrades and plenty of support characters I think it'd be a durable army that works the enemy down.


You'd rely on your Devs to do heavy lifting early on I imagine, tackle the bigger problems. Then Assault with Tac support can press in on objectives and enemy units. Some support characters would also do some beat stick duties to help out, I wonder if a cadre of Apothecaries would be worth taking to further enhance the durability aspect of the list?


I'd love to hear (and see) how such an army performs as it's been something I've long thought about doing, but sadly obsess over tanks too much to achieve :tongue.:

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I haven’t ran a “Codex” Company but my Templars, sans the Gaurdsman part of my list, runs 70-80 Models strong. And honestly? It’s far better than you’d imagine. It’s has incredible durability, as you can both take damage and give it back. And in my 14-16 man tide squads losing 5-6 models isn’t a deal breaker.


Really it’s weird, but reason it works, is that allows a Marine force to be a Marine Force. To better explain.*


A 3 5 Man MSU Squad beside unloading with double special about once maybe twice a game. Before they die on the return fire. Furthermore once engaged the squads are pathetically small and worse lackluster number of attacks means they cannot shift enemy units from cover.


3 10 Man Tacticals, will require double the firepower, and clocking in at 510 points (650 with Characters). Is 50% more durable for a price of 33% more. Now the question at hand. A standard marine Company. Let’s say your doing a brigade.


Let’s go with 2-3 Ten Man Tacticals (HvyBolter/Special/Special), 1-2 10 Scout Squads, 0-2 5 Man Scouts, 0-3 5 Man Intercessors will run 900-950 points (Captain/LT/Speciality)***. At 300 points for each Elite/Fast/Heavy. You have a few options. Fast with 2 Assault Squads And Heavy 2 Devies will be about 600-700 points. Leaving 500-600 for 3 elites, Heavy/Fast. Maybe 1 real ‘Elite’ or 2 cheap ‘real elite’. Or Reivars/Servitors to fill slots. Leaving you 300 (or 150 each per remaining mandatory slots).


That is just quick theory example. But my point was to demonstrate the following. That before you get in the min-maxing of points. You have 90 models on board. And once last 2 slots are included looking at well over 100. And further you don’t have actively junk units. You can pressure with 5-6 melee units, Devies can anchor backfield, Tactical and Intercessors pressure the mid field. Further each of those squads bar devies have around 10 Wounds at T4, 3+ Saves. Which for context meaning 180 Lasgun shots (6 infantry Gaurdsman squads with FRSRF or 320 points all somehow in rapid range!) or 90 Boltgjm or 70 Boltgun w/Lt&Cpt Buff. Those 170-180ish squads take just around double the amount of points to kill them. (Context MSU Squads at 100 points, take half that amount. So that means only need 33% more points not 100% more points to in average kill the MSU squad. (The reason tl;dr is upgrades). A company style force with larger squads will quite likely perform far above expectations. And play more ‘elite’ as the army becomes less glass cannony.

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Thanks for feedback. Sorry I should have clarified this will be a 'legacy' codex company.


6x 10 man Tactical Squads

2x 10 man Assualt

2x 10 man Devastator

1x Captain

1x Librarian

1x Chaplain (jumpack)


I need to build 10 more assualt guys, 10x bolter Devs, and 3 more tac squads. I have wanted to do this since pre-Gladius 7th. Then the above force was only like 1850.

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First off, I love your idea! I also like the chapter, as my brother collects Silver Skulls as well. Very interesting chapter. Anyways! I have ran codex companies in the past, never really complete though. I would battle Chaos marines and Tyranids quite a bit, and I would use about 5 tactical squads, a couple devastator squads, (with bolter meat shields) and some units of veterans, such as my much loved sternguards and assault terminators. Albeit, much of that was 7th edition, I have played very little of 8th, but I am very excited to try it out, but this time the with the full might of a 100 battle brother company. I myself am 10 guys short of a company, (5 assault marines and 5 tactical marines) but I will field them as soon as its completed, along with some Rhinos, and a few tanks if I can spare the points.


I think it can be a pretty good army on the battlefield, like others have said, opponents don't really expect a bunch of marines in tabletop. I say definitely give it a shot, I know you'll have a blast regardless.

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