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It's about time I started a thread about my Inquisitorial hobby projects, and what better time than during my first ETL?  No time, I say!

So onward and upwards, towards glory!



First, a little background.  I've wanted to play 40k for years, and after dabbling with the idea of Necrons and Nids in 5th, and deeming it too expensive, I bought a Hive Tyrant and the Nid book in 6th.  And again, deemed it too expensive.  During the beginning of 7th, I was introduced to the existence of the Inquisition and the SoB, but things were still too expensive at the time.  But boy, was I fascinated by the lore, and this started my first real forays into reading the fluff of the Imperium, which hithertoo had been lackluster to me.


Then: Codex Deathwatch.  This came at a time I could afford 40k, and the idea was beyond glorious: an elite (RE: cheaper) army of fully customization friendly marines.  I learned to love marines as well in the time after this, and this love extended to the Grey Knights as well.  I soon realized my true lot in life was to play anything and everything related to the Inquisition themselves.  So this means I, technically, have 6 armies.  Inquisition, Deathwatch, Grey Knights, Sisters of Battle, Red Hunter space marines, and Guard.  Even so, I basically have large chunks of these factions, but only the stuff I actually want or kitbash together, and I play whatever the heck I feel like within the limits of the rules.


Hence, this topic will be a huge mishmash of Imperial stuff, most of which will have an Inquisitorial spin. :happy.:




On to a few pictures!  With the ETL, I have pledged some Inquisitors and some Guard units, and we shall start our journey with the former.



When Eisenhorn was first announced, I was ecstatic!  A brand new Inquisitor model?  That fluff wise fits best with the first 40k faction I really bought into?  Hell yeah!  And he looks cool, too, so that's nice.


I've had this model unassembled since Gathering Storm first came out, but just due to not getting bumped up on my hobby list, haha.  She's really sweet, and I wish they made more Inquisitors in power armor.



Kitbashed this guy out of mostly the Grey Knight terminator box, with a splash of Deathwatch head.  Built him for 7th right before 8th was announced, and never got to play him there, but fortunately, his rules still exist, so he's back in the fray!  I really want to throw him on the table sometime when he's done.




That's it for now, but I will try and post at least once a week with something!  Especially during the ETL, gotta get my favorite forum some points! :wub:

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