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Inquisition Acolyte Weapon Choice

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I have 20 acolytes to arm and I want to thank you all for your reassuring responses: I was about to equip them with Bolters when I thought I'd hold off a bit and see if the community had an idea which hadn't occurred to me. Bolters it is!

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I use storm bolters, they hit on a 4+ and are supposed to soak wounds for your inquisitor so they shouldn't be holding anything pricey in my opinion. Regular bolters are fine as well, but sense acolytes miss 50% of the time I like higher number of dice the storm bolter puts out so they have a higher percentage of doing damage. 


As far as models go like stated above I use regular space marine arms without sholder pads. Grey Knight arms with storm bolters do a good job, and cheap tact marine arms do the same for regular boltguns. 

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I believe anvil industry has some decent storm bolters (http://anvilindustry.co.uk/The-Armoury/Rifles-Shotguns-Pistols/Double-Tap) although I've not used them. I use space marine bolters with Cadian arms myself, or scout arms/bolters. As with others the bolter or Storm bolter load out are the most cost effective. Although in power level games I like to go crazy with funky fluffy combos like power maul and needle pistol for the non-lethal stun/capture load out, combi weapons for cool factor, etc.
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