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Necromunda Game Resources

Brother Tyler

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There are lots of useful topics about the Necromunda game scattered across the Bolter & Chainsword. While most will occur in this forum and in the various Forge forums, other related topics are bound to spring up elsewhere. Since we can't pin every useful topic, this topic is intended to provide a handy resource for players of the Necromunda game.

If you know of a topic that you think should be added to this resource listing, please reply with a link to that topic. If you see a topic that you think is no longer relevant, feel free to provide your reasons for removing it in a reply. We'll do our best to keep this resource listing updated.

Also keep in mind the tags function and how those provide a handy method by which members can search for related topics. We'll include a listing of recommended tags in the resource listing. The default tag that should be used for topics in this forum is Necromunda game.

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gallery_26_6416_766.png NECROMUNDA GAME RULES
Official FAQ and Errata
Rules Update and Errata, April 2022
Ash Wastes (homegrown rules from @noigrim)
Badzone Delta-7 (rules update)
The Dark Gods rise in the Underhive (Chaos Cultists in Necromunda) (Warhammer Community)
Escher Weapons and the Sump Dogs (Warhammer Community)
Gang Strongholds in Necromunda (Warhammer Community)
Genestealer Cults in Necromunda, Free! (Warhammer Community)
Gor Half-horn (Warhammer Community)
Kria Kytoro - Escher Bounty Hunter

The Lost Charter
The Marketplaces of Necromunda (Trading Posts) (Warhammer Community)
The Marketplaces of Necromunda (Ash Wastes Expansion)
New Recruits for Underhive Gangs (Warhammer Community)

Queen of Ashtown (Warhammer Community)
Solo Play Scenario: The Hunt (Warhammer Community)

Sump City Sinking

Twins of Two Tunnels

gallery_26_6416_766.png NECROMUNDA GAME LORE
Apocrypha Necromundus: Badzones (Warhammer Community)
Apocrypha Necromundus: Dust Falls (Warhammer Community)
Apocrypha Necromundus: The Dust Wall (Warhammer Community)
Apocrypha Necromundus: The Fist (Warhammer Community)
Apocrypha Necromundus: Heretic's Hole (Warhammer Community)
Apocrypha Necromundus: Hive City (Warhammer Community)
Apocyrpha Necromundus: House Helmawr (Warhammer Community)
Apocrypha Necromundus: Lingua Primus, Part 1 (Warhammer Community)
Apocrypha Necromundus: Lingua Primus, Part 2 (Warhammer Community)
Apocrypha Necromundus: Navis Mortis (Warhammer Community)
Apocrypha Necromundus: Port Mad Dog (Warhammer Community)
Apocrypha Necromundus: Rust Town (Warhammer Community)
Apocrypha Necromundus: Sump City (Warhammer Community)
Law in the Underhive (Warhammer Community)

gallery_26_6416_766.png NECROMUNDA GAME TACTICA
Ambots 101 (Warhammer Community)
Necromunda Tactica: House Cawdor (Warhammer Community)
Tactica: House Escher (Warhammer Community)
Tactica: House Goliath (Warhammer Community 15 November 2017)
Necromunda Tactica: House Goliath (Warhammer Community 19 March 2019)
Necromunday (Index) (Goonhammer)

Build Your Own Bounty Hunter (Warhammer Community)
Tale of Painters Tutorial: Stahly's Escher Paint Recipes (Tale of Painters taleofpainters.blogspot)

Mad Robot Miniatures ( madrobotminiatures.com, note the Vanderbilt Fighters)
Pig Iron Productions (pig-iron-productions.com, note the Kolony Ferals)
Scale Model Scenery (scalemodelscenery.co.uk)

gallery_26_6416_766.png NECROMUNDA GAME SHOWCASES
(No links yet)

gallery_26_6416_766.png THE ARBITRATOR'S GUIDEBOOK
Part 1: The Role of the Arbitrator (Warhammer Community)
Part 2: Choosing Matchups (Warhammer Community)
Part 3: Forging a Narrative (Warhammer Community)
Part 4: Adding New Gangs (Warhammer Community)
Part 5: Creating Scenarios (Warhammer Community)
Part 6: Campaign Newsletters (Warhammer Community)
Part 7: A Smorgasbord of Choice (Warhammer Community)
Part 8: Fair vs Fun (Warhammer Community)
Part 9: Arbitrator Gangs (Warhammer Community)
Part 10: It Came From the Sump! (Warhammer Community)
Epilogue: So Long for Now (Warhammer Community)

Naming Your Necromunda Gang (Warhammer Community)
Necromunda Gang Focus: House Cawdor (Warhammer Community)
Necromunda Index (Goonhammer)
Necromunda - Who Really Wins? (Warhammer Community)
The Orlock Gang Name Generator (Warhammer Community)

gallery_26_6416_766.png EXTERNAL NECROMUNDA GAME LINKS
Necromunda: Underhive (official website)
Necromunda: The Narrative Approach (Warhammer Community)
Necromunda (1995) at the Board Game Geek
Necromunda: Outlanders (1996) at the Board Game Geek
Necromunda: Battles in the Underhive (1997) at the Board Game Geek
Necromunda: Underhive (2017) at the Board Game Geek
Necromunda: Underhive - Gang War (2017) at the Board Game Geek
Necromunda: Underhive - Gang War II (2018) at the Board Game Geek
Necromunda: Underhive - Gang War III (2018) at the Board Game Geek
Necromunda: Underhive - Gang War IV (2018) at the Board Game Geek
Specialist Arms (unofficial continued support for all Specialist Games) (also see their archive of Fanatic Magazine articles)
Yaktribe.games - a great resource site for all editions of the Necromunda game (game page / files)

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