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Full Execution Force - Viable?

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So for funsies I'm considering running all four Assassins as an Execution force (and that sweet, sweet extra CP).


They'd be with my Ad Mech but the catch is the points limit is only 1500, so the assasins take up just over 1/5 of the points - however for their new cost they seem a steal and having all four to deal with is bound to cause some headgames for the opponent...


Is it viable? Do you think it could work?

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I think it's too many points to bring 4. As a guard player that's 2 tank commanders worth of points.



The Vindicare and Callidus are pretty good all rounders, but the Eversor and Culexus are only really good if you know the opponent are bringing hordes and psykers. The chances that your opponent brings something in great enough numbers that can be countered by all four assassins is unlikely.


(you're welcome to bring your 85pt Culexus against my single 26pt Astropath :) )

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Yes they can be, but then they can also regain CP when they kill characters.


It depends how CP hungry your main army is really. Guard aren't that hungry and have a lot so they're useful :).

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I've used three (vindi, eversor and callidus) w/guard @ 1250 pts prior to the new rules. I found them to easily pull their weight against the right target. With the new rules they are now deffo a step up, but now CP heavy if you really want to get the best from them. Personally if I had the models I would try and run all four if it worked against my opponent. My 2 cents

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I also intend to try this in the near future. The Callidus, Eversor and Vindicare should be able to dish out some hurt in most games, but as stated above the Cullexus is a little more niche. However, don't discount him deep striking into your opponents deployment zone late game to grab line breaker - they can be really tricky to remove.


I also think bringing all 4 will play some real mind games with your opponent.

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I’ve tried all 4 a few times and was pleased each time. They seem CP intensive but they’d be worth taking with 0 stratagems, honestly. The culexus looks like he’s only worth it vs psykers but he’s such a pain to remove unless the enemy has some autohit abilities. Great for late game objectives.
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It really depends on playing them well and finding the right targets for them. I'm currently playing in a league at my local store and intend to bring an Execution Force. Some of the Assassins will always do work, no matter what you face.


Also, don't forget the Callidus' reign of confusion. I've forgotten it for three games straight now. XD

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This is a list I am testing out at the moment. So far, so good.


Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment (Imperium - Space Marines)
**Chapter Selection**: Ultramarines
Battle-forged: +3CP
Roboute Guilliman: Hand of Dominion, The Emperor's Sword, [Warlord, +3CP]

Vanguard Detachment (Imperium - Officio Assassinorum)
Execution Force (+1CP)
Operative Requisition Sanctioned (-1CP)
Callidus Assassin: Neural Shredder, Phase Sword, Poison Blades
Culexus Assassin: Animus Speculum, Psyk-out Grenades
Eversor Assassin: Executioner Pistol, Melta bombs, Neuro-gauntlet, Power Sword
Vindicare Assassin: Blind Grenades, Exitus Pistol, Exitus Rifle

Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Adeptus Custodes)
Captain-General Trajann Valoris: Misericordia, Watcher's Axe
Custodian Guard Squad (Spear, Sword, Sword)
5 Allarus Custodians: Ballistus Grenade Launcher, Castellan Axe
5 Wardens: Castellan Axe, Misericordia
Vexillus Praetor: Castellan Axe, Vexilla Magnifica


[103 PL, 7CP, 2000pts]


5 Assassins is pretty handy. This army can handle anything I've faced so far.


****As per April 2019 FAQ, you cannot take both the Execution Force and the Special Operative Summon.

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