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4 armed emperor, 1500 pts list

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Hi there, as I said in a previous post I'm starting a new cult. Don't know if this is the right place or if GSC list goes with Tyranids, in case sorry and move it where it must stay.


I'm trying to buy a cult (a small one in the beginning without sell my son to GW), I tested the rules once ans suddenly love them. Really I love them just from the codex, but I lack experience on the field. I've saw lot of videos, but everyone has his playstyle... So I bag you for suggestions and tactical advise. Thank you in anticipation.


Oh... important... I'm planning fluffy list, no tourney, no extra competitive, just for fun. For this reason I chose to stay focused on a single cult and try to stay in the BG.


These are my first 1500 pts, I plann to expand to 2000 later on. 


4 armed Emperor Brigade




Primus + Bonesword

Accolyte Iconward







5 Aberrant + Power Pic



10 Accolyte Hybrids + 3 Rock Saw + Icon

10 Accolyte Hybrids + 3 Rock Saw + Icon

10 Accolyte Hybrids + 10 Hand Flamer

5 Accolyte Hybrids

5 Accolyte Hybrids

10 Neophyte Hybrids + 2 Grenade L.

10 Neophyte Hybrids + 2 Webber



1 Armored Sentinel + Autocannon

1 Armored Sentinel + Autocannon

1 Scout Sentinel + H. Flamer



1 Leman Russ + 3 HB

3 Mortars

3 Mortars


I hope to clear a way to my assaulting team with the handflamers and the mortars, no idea how that could works.


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Don't take 5 man acolyte units, not when you fill the 6 units for a brigade.


Triple mortar squads is probably better than a single leman russ.


Jackal Bikes are probably better than sentinels unless you're taking lots of vehicles.


Take the relic that denies over-watch. Don't forget that the Patriarch doesn't get cult creeds but can advance and charge.


Webbers are awful, heavy stubbers and grenade launchers are good but naked and even cheaper is fine. Four armed emperor doesn't really lose anything for taking brood brothers instead of neophytes.


I tend to use at least 13 aberrants and doubt 5 will do much.

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You might be better off with 3 battalions for fitting stuff in. Units of 5 acolytes can work as something on the table to get more in reserve but they won't do much offensively in CA (apart from objective grab)


Problem with GSC is we don't have much big stuff so your tank will probably get shot off the board, but if you're not trying to be competitive that's ok


I'd suggest deliverance broodsurge and units of 15+ acolytes can have a purpose too

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