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Dragonlover's Titanicus - Legio Brythonia

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So, I had a demo of Titanicus at Warhammer World back in February, and was instantly hooked, The mechanics match the fluff so well, and it's exactly what I'm looking for in a game about Titans. Fast forward a few months, I still had that itch, so I decided to pull the trigger and ordered this pile of stuff:


That all showed up last week, so this weekend I built the two Warlords, leading to adventures with leg posing!


This was my first attempt, but me and Chaeron decided it looked just that bit too preposterous, so I ended up with this:


This has led to the unfortunate side effect of looking like the Titan is falling over backwards as opposed to purposefully striding, but I'm just gonna try and blag it as recoil somehow:


Here he is with his much more sedately posed brother:


I'm gonna be magnetising the guns (many thanks to Fajita Fan, Zhiv and thewarriorhunter for their help in that regard!), I'm waiting for my extra weapon sprues to show up as well as the magnets. No idea on the basing yet, maybe mud/some kind of trench warfare-ish thing? Basing has never been my strong suit, I am in theory moving all my 40K armies over to Sector Imperialis as that stops me having to think about it. I do know I'm not going for the 'tiny Marines for scale' approach, and I want all my terrain as terrain not basing material.

My eventual plan is to have two forces, so that other people can play without having to initially buy in themselves, but we'll see how that pans out in practice, I might just do like a single maniple and a couple of extras. I need to see what the campaign rules in Titandeath are like when my copy arrives. The first force will be Legio Polaris who are gonna be blue with a symbol that looks like a Mercedes logo that has three extra floating points. The second is unnamed, but I kinda want to do something with Celtic/Nordic knotwork patterns, because I'd never do it on a Marine army but on a few Titans I can probably cope. Not a single clue on the Knights, I grabbed them mostly for the hell of it. Might just make a Knight army at some point.

So yeah, that's my vaguely coherent Titanicus thoughts so far. Next step is getting the guns magnetised and possibly getting a couple of Warhounds built so I can ramp up the complexity of demo games from one Titan each to two.


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Another possibility, especially if not glued to the base yet, is to add something under the foot to give a better equilibrium, essentially raising the back of the foot.

Gluing the feet to the base is typically the very last thing I do on mine. I also use pinning.


Have a look at my project log, there are plenty on using magnets too, with diverse experiments, you have to read through as they are scattered, and also some of the problems encountered when assembling the Reaver (which is the most notorious one) and solutions:






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It is glued, but with super glue so that I can take it back off when I decide how to base them. Tipping it forward isn't a bad shout actually, that didn't occur to me. I've seen elsewhere that bending the toes is fairly easy as well if that's needed to help the pose. I'll try that at some point, I don't trust my practically nonexistent reposing skills enough to try cutting the hip joint.



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Got the Warlords magnetised! Here they are in their incredibly fuzzy glory!


Also managed to fix the falling over guy by accidentally breaking his ankle while trying to remove him from the base. He just needs the back of the left foot to be propped up slightly and he stands up fine!


Might do Warhounds next, not sure I'm awake enough to think through how a Reaver leg goes together at the moment.


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Literally the only thing I used super glue for was attaching that one guy to the base so he was more easily removed, I've always used plastic glue on plastic models.



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Got the first two Warhounds built and magnetised all the weapons. Here they are with their bigger brothers:


If you're gonna magnetise your Warhounds, I recommend having something non-metallic and pokey on hand to manoeuvre the magnets in the guns. I ended up using a plastic knife I cut a chunk out of.

Still waiting for my extra weapon sprues to show up along with Titandeath. Not sure what to build next, probably the first Reaver so that I can then designate one of my Battlegroup boxes as a transportation box not storage.


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  • 3 months later...

It's been a while, but this plog is creaking back into life like a VSG that's being fed sixes!

I now have all the Titans from my two battlegroups built as well as all the weapons from the additional sprues. While I was up at Warhammer World the other week I grabbed extra Warhound terminals, weapon cards for each class and all the FW weapons. I've not cracked the blisters yet, not been in the mood for the cleaning stage.

However, I have managed to get some paint on models! I've settled on my colour scheme (Green and bone panels, bronze trim) and decided that the best way to do things was paint one of each Titan's armour plates entirely green and then decide where I wanted the bone panels. To that end:


That's a single coat of Warpstone Glow over a basecoat of Castellan Green, I'm gonna do at least one more. The Reaver and Warlord just have the Castellan Green done at this point and I've not even started thinking about weapons.

So yeah, that's where I'm at. I've also played a bunch of games and the only rules I haven't used yet are stratagems and Legio rules, the latter because i have no idea where to start testing things out. My preferred playstyle is midrange to aggressive, I can't play a pure shooty list, so if there's any Legios/Maniples to avoid/try out that fit that, please let me know.


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May I suggest bone-coloured toes, perhaps a head panel or two, and then stripes/checkers on various carapace pieces?


Whatever you end up going with, solid start and I look forward to seeing more. :thumbsup:


I've worked up a spreadsheet with all the configurations for the various Titans. Currently no stripes/checkers, will probably save those for weapons. Bone toes is a solid call though.



Excellent green there. Really classic Epic 40K feel and will contrast well with many things.


Cheers bud! Yeah, halfway through I was like 'wait a minute, this reminds me of that old Epic scale Lucius pattern Warlord colour'.


So I got the green down on the other two Titans today, but far more importantly, I worked out all my names!


Argentus Eloquim (Warhound 1)
Celeris Venandi (Warhound 2)
Magister Cursoris (Warhound 3)
Lupus Ferrum (Warhound 4)
Sanguinem Ungula (Reaver 1)
Dracos Fulgurum (Reaver 2)
Ferrum Salvatos (Warlord 1)
Rex Finis (Warlord 2)
I'm not going so far as to name the Princeps, but yeah, all the Titans now have names that I'm happy with. I'll probably get the Versatile Terrain nameplates too.
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Got the first layer of bone down just to check the colour balance and stuff, I think the Warlord needs the knees done in bone as well but otherwise I'm happy with all of them.


Just got to do second layers on everything now, then the trim, then the skeletons.


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Right so, the armour needs some tidying up in places, as does the trim, but I'm now onto the frames for that maniple!


My only point of confusion is the top of the Warlord, I'm just not sure what colours to put where, but I'll work it out.

I've also been thinking about what rules I'm going to use, and I'm probably going to dip into the slightly-maligned WD build your own Legio rules from a few months back and take the following:

Splinter Legio (Fortidus) - Take the 'sub a Titan in for a compulsory one' rule.

Fury of the Fallen

Legion Specific Wargear: Warchest - Take the better CCW from Legio Vulpa

I'm then going to run the following at 1750:

Venator Light Maniple

Warlord Titan - Apocalypse Missile Launchers, Sunfury Plasma Annihilator, Macro Gatling Blaster
Warhound Titan - Plasma Blastgun, Vulcan Megabolter
Warhound Titan - Plasma Blastgun, Vulcan Megabolter
Ferrox Light Maniple
Reaver Titan - Power Fist, Chainfist, Turbo Laser Destructor
Reaver Titan - Melta Cannon, Power Fist, Vulcan Megabolter
Warhound Titan - Inferno Cannon, Vulcan Megabolter
Admittedly there's currently no room in there pointswise for the better CCW, but we'll see what we can faff around with, and it'll definitely happen at 2k. Many thanks to the excellent Mandragola for giving me that list as a baseline, I'm too used to 40K and currently find writing lists for this game quite tricky. In the event of me being unable to use the WD rules, I'll just run straight Fortidus otherwise both my maniples are illegal.
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