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40k/Apoc hybrid


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Been liking the apoc rules and a friend and I have been trying to hybrid the system with normal 40k.

Below is what we've thrown together and are curious if the hive mind can think of anything we might have missed or could make work better.



Basically the goal is to try to adapt the apocalypse phases and altenations to normal 40k games.

I know there'll no doubt be some pieces or ideas that don't quite fit, but let's see what we can do.


Initiative Phase: as is- pretty hard to stuff this up.


Orders phase: as is but with the following additions.


(Apoc doesn't have a psychic phase, so my thought was to treat it as a ranged sort of thing.)

Orders are issued unit by unit as opposed to by detachment.


Aim n shoot:


Psykers get +1 to tests. Psykers may only ever cast a power(s) or shoot or combat. Suffer -1 to hit in combat: they've been distracted focusing their psychic might.


Units only Overwatch if they have been given the Aim n Fire order.


Advance: as is with this addition


Psykers may move as normal, may cast power(s) or shoot or combat.


Charge: As is. Psykers cannot cast powers.



Action Phase: as is



Due to nightmare of keeping track of various AP to saves. Roll saves in the Action Phase for each unit as needed as you would a 40k game. Note casualties. Remove casualties in damage phase.



Morale: as is for 40k.



Regarding CP:


Apoc uses the card system tied in with characters. 40k uses CP tied in with detachments.

This one is one of the pieces I know is going to not fit very well.


Proposed rule:


Armies generate CP at the start of the turn before the initiative phase.


Each player army generates 1 CP base.


Another CP is generated by HQs in each detachment. No more than 1CP may be gained this way per detachment.

So a Brigade detachment with 3 HQ choices will only ever generate 1CP per turn.


An additional 1CP are generated by an armies Warlord. This may be stacked within a detachment. If the Warlord is a HQ choice, then it generates an additional 2CP instead.

So a Battalion detachment with 2HQ, one of the HQ being the Warlord, will generate 3CP per turn.


A detachment with no surviving HQ units cannot generate CP. This does not affect Warlords in a detachment that are not a HQ choice.


So a players army at 2000pt with 3 detachments will generate:


1CP base

+1 for each detachment with at least one surviving HQ choice

+1(2) CP for their army's surviving warlord.


5CP minimum- 6 if the Warlord is also a HQ choice.


CPs do not carry over across turns.


For the purposes of pre-game CP expenditure, players should calculate how much CP they would generate in the first turn and use that CP for pre-game CP spending.

A player cannot spend more CP in this manner than what they would generate in the first turn.

CP spent in this manner is deducted from first turn generated CP.


For example:

The previously exampled 2000pt army with 3 detachments and HQ warlord generates 6CP turn 1.

The player decides to throw in an extra 2 relics for 3CP, and use a stratagem to put a unit in deepstrike for 1CP costing 4CP all up.

During their first turn, they will only have 6CP to work with.


Universal stratagems:


1CP reroll: as is.


2CP interrupt: used in the action phase to activate a unit out of turn.


2CP morale: as is.


2CP prepared position: used in action phase. Applies only to a single unit for that turn against ranged attacks in the first turn.

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I did try this out with some friends and it did work out pretty okay as I recall. It was a long while ago so my memory is foggy.

Thanks for dredging this up, we'll have to give it another go.

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I'm thinking of doing a much more in-depth ruleset that re-builds the rules for something more similar to 3.x of 40k. Treading lightly as it would involve writing a lot of rules and I don't want it getting melted by GW. From looking at net-epic and some other things though, seems like its doable. 

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