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Phobos Librarian, the annoying the kill set-up

chapter master 454

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Not sure if discussed but I noticed you can have a phobos librarian with a -2 to being hit and -1 to being wounded.


Stealth Adept + Precognition from ultramarines gives him -2 to being hit (plus a 5++)

The ghostweave mantle/cloak (whatever it is) gives -1 to wound against him which is pretty good too.

Put him in some cover, going terrain to terrain would also mean he would have +2 to his save as well because of his camo cloak.


Good distraction carnifex? I mean, as long as you keep precog up you are a nightmare to hit and he could just go on a tear about enemy units with fair impunity (even guardsmen firing lines would struggle, 6s to hit and 6s to wound from the rank and file lasguns).

Decent character killer? Certainly not a DPS beast but a force sword isn't something you can ignore.

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Cool idea, but definitely just a distraction. At only 4 S4 attacks, he's not going to kill much. If he runs into anything with an invuln and a powered weapon of its own, he's done. He can chop through backfield fire support, so long as he doesn't eat lascannon or melta shots on the way in.
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