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POLL: ETL VII - Chaos Spawn Beauty Pageant

Captain Semper

Chaos Spawn Beauty Pageant  

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Well, this is going to be weird...

For the first time ever, the ETL is recognising beauty, elegance, good manners and noble aspiration among a group of young, beautiful, dynamic, lost and damned creatures of the warp!

As every beauty pageant the intention here was to judge the physical attributes of the contestants as well as their personality, intelligence and talent.

But given that the contestants are brain-dead, drooling and utterly mindless individuals (and proud of it), we will confine our judgement to just the physical attributes, such as they are.

As we all know and expect, pageants give the major prize title to the one who comes first but also distribute lesser titles to the runner ups. This pageant could be no exception! As such there are three titles to compete for:

  1. First prize title: Miss Galaxy
  2. Second prize title: Miss Eye of Terror
  3. Third prize title: Miss Grimdark

Pictures of the contestants can be found below.

A few pointers"

  • Any member of the B&C is welcome to vote - you don't have to have participated in the ETL to do so. This is open to all.
  • You do not have to justify your vow. If you want to leave comments however, feel free to do so.
  • You may vote more than one option! You don't have to choose only one - unless of course you like only one option over and above everyone else.

This topic will remain open until Sunday, September 15th, when the prizes will be awarded!

And with no further ado, let's vote!

The contestants are presented in alphabetical order of their creators.

1. Demi Gorgon - a true stunner hailing from the Cadian Gate! (by Chaeron)


2. Kahareah. She likes strolls in the park and collecting skulls for the skull throne. (by Dwango)


3. Vergash. She likes gardening and spreading the Geller pox with her friends. (by Dwango)


4. Lavinia - Eloquent and sublime! (by Freakshow668)


5. Miss Khorne of Skalathrax - a popular local pageant! (by I Am Forsaken)


6. Miss Nurgle of the Plague Planet - another local beauty! (by I Am Forsaken)


7. The Neritic Horror Twins (by Maschinenpriester)


8. Scyla Anfingrimm - the beautiful, the exquisite, the only! (by Scion)


9. Kurdashiann - ermm.. no comments (by Slave to Darkness)


10. The two nameless ones (one in gown and one in a daring swimsuit! (by tdemayo)


11. Blobby - the spawn fatale from deep in the Eye (by Ungolino)


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The Neritic Horror Twins for me, what a gorgeous pair! If Maschinenpriester is reading this, can we get some better pics and a rundown on how you made them and painted them, or a link to it please?

Happy you like them! I am currently pretty busy with real life. I will update my hobby progress in the forge subforum in the end october probably. There are more pictures of more angles in the original beaty pageant thread:


The models are almost unconverted. They are available here: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/cmnwok02011.html


They are appearently oop. so if you want some i guess you should hurry. they come on 70 mm bases so it was a bit tricky to fit them on the 50 mm bases.


The paint reciepe i'll roughly post in the forge. It was my second try with white skin. lots ofblayering and mant washes back and forth..

Edited by Maschinenpriester
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This was a spontaneous and fun event aiming to reward the best Spawns that took part in ETL VII! There are three titles (usually there are more than one titles in those events). The overall winner is Miss Universe, the second is Miss Eye of Terror and the third is Miss Grimdark!

Now, it turned out that the poll to designate the victors included some beautiful beasts which however never participated in the event - not even as Out-Of-Comperition vows. I'm not even sure they were painted during ETL VII (although they very well might)... That was my bad as I should have double-checked before I included them in the poll. Bad, bad Semper... As such they cannot be awarded any of the titles above as these are reserved for those who actually took part in the event. But also cannot be ignored - especially as such an entry seemed to be the most popular Spawns by far!!!

Hence we award the award of Community Favourite Spawn to @Maschinenpriester - beautiful work and we hope to see you take part in the ETL next year! Congratulations!


And now to the legitimate ETL VII titles for the Spawn-fatale's, the ones that make even Abaddon tick, the most desirable creatures in both sides of the Warp:

For the first place, with the title of Miss Universe: the beautiful Lavinia by @Freakshow668!

Congratulations Freakshow668, please collect the badge on behalf of her (she's not doing very well on the hands department)


On second place with the title Miss Eye of Terror, (and this cannot be compliment enough) is the Nameless one by @tdemayo

Congratulations tdemayo, feel free to collect your badge, and do have on eye on those two, they seem a bit... difficult to control!


Last but certainly not least, for the title of Miss Grimdark, is Vergash by @Dwango! That's what true Nightmares are made of!


Congratulations Dwango, you may take you badge!


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