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=][= Bolter & Chainsword Donation Drive 2019 =][=


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The High Lords of Terra request your services once more and ask you provide a few Thrones for the Imperium!


The Bolter & Chainsword was created in April of 1999. At that time, during the 3rd edition of Warhammer 40,000, players of the various Space Marine factions didn Edited by duz_
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If you were wondering how we were tracking and when would be a good time to don't Brother Argos has given an update ;)


We are currently sitting on Sunday evening at $1800.


We need another $1200 by Wednesday.



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Agents were almost there! Any spare change you have at this point should push us over! Donate!


As we head into the final hours before the deadline, we've raised $2,850, leaving only $150 until we reach our total goal.


Thanks to everyone that has donated in order to keep our site up and running for all of us. :biggrin.:

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  • 3 weeks later...

As always, the members of the community came through to ensure that this great site remains available to support our collective addiction to the hobby. In twelve days we raised $3,200 total raised. Meanwhile, @Brother Argos successfully negotiated a discount on the annual fee. Including taxes and additional fees, this year's cost was reduced down to $1,346.39. That leaves us with a balance of $1,853.61 for emergencies or rolling over for next year's fees (and we have more coming in all the time - I just received a $50 check from a member and another member has promised a $50 donation soon).


In addition, we have a little over $3,000 fenced off for the planned software update. We've been progressing very slowly on that front, but that progress has been ramped up considerably recently. That update should happen within the next few months (hopefully no more than the next six) and will bring some great additions to the site.


Lastly, we are working on some swag efforts for the community. These aren't fund raisers. Rather, they are nifty B&C merchandise products that members can use to show their servitude loyalty to the site. For example, I've begun initial talks with a company about another B&C dice run, and we're exploring additional products as well (I don't want to promise anything on anyone else's behalf, just in case any of these things fall through).


Once again, thank you to everyone that contributed to the site's upkeep.


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