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Dealing with the Thousand Sons


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So. In a couple of weeks (or however long it will take us to assemble and paint), me and a friend who just dragged each other back into the hobby will be facing off in a few test matches. His Thousand Sons vs my Executioners Space Marines. Both of us went for the Start Collecting boxes, and while I got a Venerable Dreadnought , some Tacticals and a Captain in Terminator armour, he... well. He's got a blob of Tzaangors, a bunch of Rubric Marines and Ahriman himself (who, from what I've about him, seems like a psychic gatling gun). 

Now, I'm not desperate about winning these games, but I'd like them to be at least somewhat close. Maybe I'm overestimating his potential for smite spam, but Ahriman scares me. A lot. Considering we're starting out at roughly 500 points there's not a lot of deviations from the Start Collecting sets just yet (I think), but if you have any advice about how to approach this match up, as well as recommended stratagems and relics, then I'd be grateful indeed. 

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You can use the Venerable to shield the tacticals from smite if you put it in front, and use the strat that gives a vehicle a 5+++ vs mortal wounds, which would stack with the venerables own 6+++. That'll keep your tacticals alive, and hopefully your dread won't take too much damage. The tacticals should try and stay in cover, as the rubric marines bolters will chew them up if theyre in the open, especially in double tap range. Take plasma, and send every overcharged plasma shot at the rubrics, bolters will hardly scratch them thanks to All Is Dust, giving the rubrics a 2+ save vs 1 damage weapons. The bolters should be killing Tzangors.


Your dread should try and make it into combat with the rubrics if you want to kill them though, the dread fist will do some serious hurt.

I'd normally recommend a lascannon on the dread, but it won't help you much here. Maybe the assault cannon to help chew through Tzangors, though it'll struggle to kill Rubrics. The Twin-Autocannon might be good too, its ok at killing almost everything, just doesn't excel at anything.

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