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Grimfang Gogulk´s "Da Red Devilz" SW: A

Wolf Lord Duregar

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´roight den ladz, lissen´ up!


Yeah I am not yet prepared to go back into Farty K. I probably going to get there (both Space Wolves and Orks) but I absolutely fell in love with Shadow War: Armageddon. Wow! Almost my 2nd Ed. rules, where I started to play 40k and loved so much.. With 5-20 models, a decent campaign system (decent enough!) and all races had something.


It made me have two buddies come back into the GW hobby and now we are all building different Kill Teams. For me there was no doubt, I would remake my beret-clad Kommandos!


They are built as Kommandos but in the rules just the normal Boyz of ourse. I plan to build atleast 15 and the general theme is maroon berets on all. All with have a big back pack full of useful fingz and loot.

They are ded ´ard and propa´ but also very sneeky.. Goffz was my fav clan back in the days but I always had a Kommando Mob - mainly because loved modelling thema and my Warboss saw the usefulness of paying them to blow some stuff up for the skumgrods, have some confusion going on as da ladz foot slogged over there and krumped them..


I have ordered quite a few bitz, mainly to bulk up their backpacks but also arms for variation. Stormboy choppas are held differently etc. And I ordered FW´s Kommando upgrade, one pack. I won´t use the heads but the backpacks and the Nob will maybe become a Warboss?


Anyways, here are the first ladz: I started with the common Big Shoota konvershun.. It is slightly bent ´cause  Badgog ´ad ´ter bash some ´edz in wiv it!





Badgog himselöf, blu tac´d (well, blue..) together..




Then we have Rambork:




yeah his muzzle is a bit - off, as himself! Might fix that..


Rotlug da ´ard - he is ´ard..




He is waiting for his backpack.. I have a radio, medic bag - made from imperial Guard stuff, IG backpåacks from theirHeavy Weapons set with extra pack rolls and bombs plus those FW ones coming.. Ordered extra grenades, holsters etc..

I will probably add loads of should pads - I like the bulky look of it! Rambork will get a torso-spanning ammo belt, hence only one..

Hopefully a fun time is ahead! And maybe in the future they will work for a bigger Whaaagh! :wink:

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Roight den!


I got a mail from FW today that a Fighta Bommer left the Uk with a load of Kommandos! Well, their backpacks anyways.. :wink: I am also awaiting a bunch of plastic bitz.. But was bored so made another lad with a Shoota and the first Slugga-Choppa boy.. I really like the should pads, the Slugga-Choppa dude´s fell off, big one, so left it off until I know how his backpack will fit..


Tye Shoota lad has his arms blu tac´d only, that is why it looks a bit off..




I do not have any of those WHFB arms with a knife.. So cut of a choppa and replaced it with a "Rambo knife" held a bit more like a Kommando would hold it.. :wink:





I am really waiting for the paintstadium but need those bitz....


Might order more bitz, I feel I need a Nob with a Kombi-Scorcha-Shoota and a choppa (or big choppa!) too.. The opposition right now will be Bug Eyz, ´umies and probably Spiky Boyz.. But I suspect that both Tin ´edz and Beakiez will follow!



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Roight.. I am running out of boyz parts too fast.. Ordered a new box since I am totally out of shoulder pads - and I will probably bitz order a pile..

Then i realized I will have a hard time with the Bugeyz in the group so made my demo guy in the Kill Team..




He has to buy a new sight all the time since he seems to lose it every battle..

He got extra frag stikkbombs and a tank busta bomb on his back pack too. Might give him a melta bomb too. But he is the Mob´s demo guy.. He probably uses that frag stikkbomb as a choppa too!




The paint-test victim got primed too.. I have made a lot of 48th scale aircraft since I stopped playing GW. SO I gave it a try here and will make him plack prior to bring out the hairy sticks..

And probably buy a can of Chaos Black!



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A bit bored today, waiting for bitz.... Waiting for the sound of a Fighta Bomma screaming up, low over the Boulevard outside, dropping Kommandos, but nothing.. :wink:


So i tested on "the victim".. NVM the skin, I do not have the next stages, still need to fart down to the GW store and get Warboss Green etc..


But the clothes, I kinda like it. I played Flames of War for a while and still have loads of paints. These are kinda Brit paras, reversed.. trouser colour on top and the smock on the trousers..


What do you think?



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Been afraid of green a bit - but I still tried to repaint the "t-shirt" :wink: (NVM the other mess, I just messed about). I think that can work? Those pants, that squig hide armour or whatever? 

I´ll make a new test-lad and paint the whole thing - together with the maroon colour of their berets too..





The brown is still shining through, I only have one layer here, but you get the idea..?

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I like it. If the camo ever seems to be unclear, you could outline it with some black or grey, but I think it looks fine. The shirt as well. Yeah, it's green and the skin is green, but I think they are different enough that it works.

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I speed-painted a new test-victim. Fpcus on the clothing, to see if the feel is right for me.





I am kinda happy with the trousers, tank-yop-thinky and the webbing. The red seems to pop nicely with it but will need to work on the highlights for that (it is Khorne Red now)

I went for a djungle boot but not sure about that.. One boot is done like the webbing and one like the tank top. Maybe with a better, painted highlight? I have just dry brushed it here.. But I might have to try brown and black too.


Shoulder pads will be done in either the trouser-camo or the tank top´s colour - or a mix of both on some. I think that might look cool and it keeps the palette down.


Any thoughts?



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Couldn´t help but do some more.. Had not plan to.. Made the weapons as basic as possible and the brown on the choppa looks bad.. Need to find a better brown and highlight and shade better..

But overall I think I can go forward on the propa´ Kommandos? Should pads, a few wiv´ kamo will lift forward that part I think.. Could be cool..?



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Got some bitz I was waiting for, still no shoulder pads however, sorely needed.. But I still built this stikkbomb fanatic! He got a choppa on his back though, but I doubt he use it much! You can whack most skumgrods wiv da stikkbombz just as gud!





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Finally undercoated the first batch of boyz.. :biggrin.: The Nob:





Forgot to take a pic with the beret before undecoating him - he is Chaos Black now..And to wind up some mates his name is, currently "Dutch".. he was just on the Jungle planet "Columbia IV" where his entire Mob of Kommandos was killed by a Tyranid Licor but Dutch managed to blow it up..

(drives my mates mad when I do this.. :biggrin.: )


Joining him on the spray board is Blain, Drake, Mac, Billy, Hicks and Hudson.. lel


And then I build another one for the next batch. A new fav:








I should hopefully get some painting done this weekend, finally getting the Mob gong..


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Done some painting during the weekend, less than I hoped but ah well.. Was not that satisfied with the skin, I think I did a better job on the test-dude.. Left more of the shade there and had a better depth.. But I need tp practice more, I am not a master painter really.. :smile.:






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  • 2 weeks later...

Five first, still need to do some highlighting on clothing and webbing plus the bases.. Not totally happy about camo and stuff but I guess I am not better than this.. :) Need to paint and practice more.





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These are amazing looking! I am very interested in kill team personally, kill team is one of the reasons I am getting back into the hobby. I love the berets and the way you have them all kitted out. They look like they are ready for extended field time. I like the camo scheme a lot, I think it looks cool. 

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  • 2 years later...

Ooops, the pics are gone.. BUT! I just started to revive these dudes. :smile.: So here it is! Not much has happened, sadly, but it will! (And i will make a Mordheim equivalent)


Boss and two Kommandos



Two of the second batch.. Planned to make them as vets from the ´nam in green uniforms.. But probably wont.



Yeah, they need some love! :smile.:



..and re-inforcements! Two more, with those respirator heads - and berets of course! :biggrin.:



Not sure if it is because the others eat too much squig beanz.. Or fer taktikul reasonz..

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Need some good names in addition to Rambork.. ;) The Kommando who often throws the ring but keeps the stikkbomm.. Hmm?


And they are all vets from Operechun Chariot.. In fact, they are the only survivors! The Kill Krooza Gob Basha was sent ramming a space station that could repair The Planet Killa.. Manned by "briefed" Grotz, it rammed and blew up along with the station - while my boyz were looking on and looting fungus beer...



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Green-tac´d the arms on, uncleaned-up.. Ditched the slugga since that arm did not fit very good with the backpack and stuff.. So he got a holstered slugga on the chest. :) I like the two arms!






Beret will be touched up too.. Looks like a hardened piece inside messed up.. The finger prints I can usually sand down nicely.

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