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It’s baaaaaaack!


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Oh yes. Hopefully the mould is repaired or improved sufficiently. I bought mine right before they were discontinued, and the little raised edges had lots of issues and the legs had huge mould break problems (the sockets for the feet had lots of resin where there shouldn’t be) which I suspect is the reason it was discontinued to begin with.

I just pre-ordered one myself along with a c-beam.  I’m glad I didn’t buy a standard Contemptor chassis in the meantime as I was holding out for this possibility! I also like to think this is entirely due to my kindly worded email over a year ago :P

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Just a quick update--I received my Iron Hands Contemptor today and. . . 


The cast is nearly perfect!  Just a couple extremely minor mold slips and rough spots that can be scraped/sanded.


So if you've been wanting one of these, I recommend buying sooner rather than later so you can get one made from an early, fresh mold (they wear over time, remember).  Just don't let me catch you buying one of those garbage plastic contemptors!


The c-beam was a decent cast as well.  Not amazing--seems like the mold for this one is getting a little old with tons of flash.

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I'm not currently buying Forgeworld. Working on the GW line first. :biggrin.:


Happy to hear the mold is good though! I hope they will be available when I'm ready to purchase one.

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