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Jokaero am I missing something


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I never understood the jokaero index rules, which are the same as the new rules. So now I don’t understand the new rules.


So don’t Ordo units already get full rerolls against their preferred quarry? Does the jokaero rule exist for the non quarry targets?


Still seems odd.


What am I missing?

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I believe it also says you can use on a unit or model, not necessarily itself? So yes, to give rerolls against non-quarry targets. It is also a character in the white dwarf rules, vs the old index where it wasn't.


So for me, drop podding a kill team with a small inquisitor retinue (space monkey included)... if I don't have xenos opponents (most are playing the new space marine stuff right now), I can use the inconceivable custom thingy on either my "agent" acolyte with a plasma gun or I can use it on the monkey. Pair that with psychic pursuit, and now I can target a character.


And it works for me because I like the xeno relics and CP warlord trait.


Nothing special beyond that, just an additional reroll opportunity against non-quarry.


I imagine you could do that combo with Greyfax to get additional bolter shots in from herself.

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I'd like to get one of these little furry guys as a member of my Inquisitors retinue but GW is seemingly always out of stock.


Do any of you know of any decent third parties where you have seen an alternative?

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