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The Inner Circle Presents:





Welcome to the second incarnation of Titans of the Heresy, an event based on the Adeptus Titanicus game! The purpose of the event is to motivate participants to build and paint Titans, Knights and Scenery for their games of “Adeptus Titanicus”. As such, the event’s rules are aligned with the game’s rules but also leave enough space to customize the forces to the participants’ liking and/or needs.


The event will run from January 15th, 2020 until April 15th, 2020. You may join at any time during the life of the event, and you’ll have the entire day of April 15th regardless of time-zone.

For the duration of the event, all participants may carry the TOTH II participation badge in their signature (see below). At the end of the event, this may be replaced with the appropriate badge denoting each participant's achievement. Those will be released at the end of the event. Until then, here's the participation badge:



Firstly, we need to introduce the concept of Tasks:

The Tasks are the building blocks of the “Titans of the Heresy” event and aim to motivate participants to build solid blocks of their force that would be potentially useable “as-is” in a game. However, the rules are flexible enough to also allow for “paint what you like” style of entries as well.

There are three broad Categories of Tasks:

  1. Titanic Tasks: Tasks that prompt you to build Titans of any and all classes and configurations.
  2. Knightly Tasks: Tasks the prompt you to build Knights of any and all classes and configurations.
  3. Administratum Tasks: Tasks the prompt you to build scenery – it is an important aspect of the game and provides a vast array of modelling opportunities.

Participants may choose any and all categories – there are no restrictions in this regard. You may paint Titans, Knights and Scenery in any combination you desire or omit any category you like.

A detailed list of the Tasks per category can be found below.


When they first join the event, participants must commit to a single Task from one or more categories that they choose to participate in. Once they complete it, they may upgrade to another Task of the same category, if they feel adventurous; and if they choose to do so, they may incorporate their previously completed unit(s)/items into the new Task. However, the minute they upgrade, they will be held responsible for the upgraded Task – if they fail, they fail completely – they do not gain credit for their previously completed Tasks!

Failing to complete a Task (in any category) participants will become SERVITOR and receive the appropriate badge to denote it. Neither the Emperor nor Horus need followers who fail in their (self)appointed Tasks!

gallery_48988_16045_5158.png sml_gallery_48988_16045_8523.png

EXAMPLE: A participant takes-on Titanic Task 1, i.e. to paint a single Titan thus aiming for the rank of Princeps. Once the single Titan is finished, the participant may opt to stop there and receive the rank of Princeps or up the stakes and commit to a larger formation – say Task 2: paint a half-Maniple (that is two more Titans in addition to the completed one). If the participant manages to complete that Task in time, he/she may upgrade a third time utilizing their existing force into whatever new Task they may choose. They can continue to do so until the end of the event.

NOTE: The upgrades do not have to be linear, i.e. a participant may take on Task 1 and then upgrade to Task 3 for example. Nor should participants feel compelled to go to their final Task gradually through upgrades. If a participant wants to commit to Task 4 straight away for example, he/she is free to do it!

Lists of the Tasks can be found below:


Depending on the number of Titans (and number of Titans alone) that a participant wishes to paint there is a list of Tasks found below:

TASK 1: PRINCEPS - 1 Titan

TASK 2 PRINCEPS SENIORIS - 3 Titans (equivalent to a half-Maniple)

TASK 3: PRINCEPS MAJORIS - 5 Titans (equivalent to a full Maniple)

TASK 4: PRINCEPS VENERABILIS - 6 Titans (equivalent to two half-Maniples)

TASK 5: PRINCEPS SACROSANCTUS - 10 Titans (equivalent to two full Maniples)


Similar, to Titans, Knights also have their Tasks – especially following the release of the “Doom of Molech” expansion with the heavy bias on Knights and the new releases of new Knights and new Knight wargear. So:

TASK 1: BARON – One Banner

TASK 2: GATEKEEPER – Two Banners

TASK 3: MASTER OF JUDGEMENT– One Lance (three Banners)

TASK 4: HERALD – One max-sized Lance (i.e. with the maximum number of Knights in each Banner)

TASK 5: KINGSWARD – Two max-sized Lances

NOTE: The Lances in the game call for two out of the three Banners to have the same Knight Class. That is NOT required for the purposes of TOTH. The three banners can be of different Knight Classes if you so wish.

For ease of reference the sizes of the Banners are:


  • Min-sized Banner: 3 Knights,
  • Max-sized Banner: 6 Knights


  • Min-sized Banner: 2 Knights
  • Max-sized Banner: 4 Knights


  • Min-sized Banner: 1 Knight
  • Max-sized Banner: 4 Knights


The Adeptus Titanicus scenery has already created a legacy of its own. However, it is not that well defined in units as Titans and Knights are – so a more generic approach will be followed:

TASK 1: MENIAL – awarded to anyone who paints the contents of any single box of scenery or less

TASK 2: ADEPT – awarded to anyone who paints the contents of any 2 boxes of scenery or more.

TASK 3: PREFECT – awarded to anyone who paints the contents of any 3 boxes of scenery or more.

TASK 4: ORDINATE – awarded to anyone who paints at least one Civitas District board by Forge World.

TASK 5: CURATOR – awarded to anyone who paints 2 or more Civitas District boards by Forge World


The Adeptus Titanicus game has grown in popularity in the short period since its initial release and has established a strong beachhead in the B&C community. Not only there are already two supplements out, there is ongoing support for all Titan classes by GW releasing options in the form of sprues (a very well received practice) and some Legio-specific transfers! Also, FW too, is playing its part providing some options not available in plastic, and not only Titans but for Knights too! The release of the Doom of Molech and the magnificent Acastus Knights complementing the Questoris and the Cerastus – plus the various Knight weapon options provided by FW.

And not to forget the scenery too! Building, tower tops, civitas districts, the lot!

So, the game is alive and kicking, it’s properly supported and has many exciting ways to enjoy it. Not to mention the brilliant range of minis… Now, just like the last time, don’t forget to name your Titans – in games with a limited number of models, it really gives life to your force to name each piece! Now if you want to go ahead and name your Knights too, well, I’m not going to stop you!

And for those who love the HH setting and wish to paint stuff other than the Titans, well there is the LOYALTY & TREACHERY V event that is running concurrently. Just click and join. This is indeed the Winter of Heresy!

A special thanks again to @Grotsmasha, member of the Inner Circle and Master of the Arsenal, for his support for the imagery of the event and for giving me some much-needed reality checks – Thank you Brother!

So, this is it,

Good luck to all!

@Captain Semper

Member of the Inner Circle

Master of Recruits

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Armiger 84 - Task 2

Legio Tempestus

Ironfist Warbringer COMPLETE

Stromstrike - Reaver COMPLETE

Gatecrasher Reaver COMPLETE

blackbabyjesus - Task 1

Legio Mortis

Exitium Proclamator - Warlord COMPLETE

Tarandrum Volantes - Reaver COMPLETE

Brother-Captain Gilead - Task 1 - Task 2

Legio Ignatum

Custos Ignis - Reaver COMPLETE

Pertinax Sagittarium - Warbringer Nemesis COMPLETE

Ordo Sinister

[Name Reducted] - Psi Warlord COMPLETE

Captain Semper - Task 1 Task 2 Task 3

Legio Atarus

Justicia Imperialis - Warlord COMPLETE

Lex Telionis - Warbringer Nemesis COMPLETE

Morior Invictus - Reaver COMPLETE

Rubrum Mortem - Warhound COMPLETE

Canis Aureus - Warhound COMPLETE

Daigo Cannon - Task 1

Legio Crucius



General Zodd - Task 2 - Task 3 - Task 4

Legio Fuerans

Charybdis - Reaver COMPLETE

Maqtal Fa’ala - Warhound COMPLETE

Iben Faruk - Warhound COMPLETE

Ra’d Sagir - Warbringer COMPLETE

Jana Muharak - Reaver COMPLETE

Ordo Sinister

Polaris Kotodama - Warlord COMPLETE

Gore Crow - Task 1

Legio Vulturum

Graviora Manent - Warbringer COMPLETE

Grotsmasha - Task 1 - Task 2 - Task 3

Legio Xestobiax



Canis Ingem - Warhound COMPLETE




Legio Astorum




Interrogator Stobz - Task 2 - Task 3

Legio Krytos

Reaper of Worlds - Warlord COMPLETE

Dark Hunter - Reaver COMPLETE

Soul Slayer - Reaver COMPLETE

Eternal Night - Warhound COMPLETE

Bringer of Hate - Warhound COMPLETE

Kenzaburo - Task 1

Legio Crucius

Beast of Antioch - Warhound COMPLETE

K0rtmer - Task 1



Lord Marshal - Task 1

Legio Tempestus


Mandragola - Task 4

Legio Mortis

Penumbral Reaper - Warlord




Legio Astorum



Legio Astorum

Warbringer COMPLETE

Mard - Task 1 - Task 2 - Task 3

Legio Einherjar

Skjaldmeyjar - Warlord COMPLETE

Hjalmmeyjar - Reaver COMPLETE

Svanmeyja - Reaver COMPLETE

Geirskögul - Warhound COMPLETE

Hjörþrimul - Warhound COMPLETE

Master Ciaphas - Task 1

Legio Astorum

Terribilis Vindicta - Warlord COMPLETE

Noigrim - Task 1

Ordo Sinister

Orientalis-perseus - Psi Warlord COMPLETE

Reyner - Task 2

Legio Mordaxis




Rune Priest Ridcully - Task 3 - Task 4

Legio Oberon

Virtutis Liberatio - Warlord COMPLETE

Empire of The Clouds - Reaver COMPLETE

Warbreaker - Warhound COMPLETE

Elantris - Warhound COMPLETE

Way of Kings - Warhound COMPLETE

Misborn - Warhound COMPLETE

Sherrypie - Task 1 - Task 2

Legio Favilla

Memento Mori - Warlord COMPLETE

Contemptus Mundi - Warbringer COMPLETE

Damnatio Memoriae - Reaver COMPLETE

Tenth Floor Mosquito - Task 1

Legio ???


Imperator Caine - Warlord COMPLETE

Wolf Guard Einar - Task 1

Legio Colara

Regulus Vindictae - Warlord

Xanthier - Task 1

Legio Gloriam

Firmam Consilium - Warlord COMPLETE

Finis Officium - Warbringer COMPLETE


DeRome90-Task 1


Cerastus Knights Banner

Daigo Cannon - Task 1


Questoris Knight Banner

Grotsmasha - Task 1- Task 2


Questoris Knight Banner COMPLETE

Acastus Knight Banner COMPLETE

Master Ciaphas - Task 2

House Tintaroth

Questoris Knights Banner COMPLETE

Acastus Porphyrion Knights Banner COMPLETE

Reyner - Task 1

House Sidaravič

Questoris Knight Banner

Sherrypie - Task 3


Acastus Knights Lance COMPLETE

Tenth Floor Mosquito - Task 2

House ???

Questoris Knights Banner

Questoris Knights Banner

Wolf Guard Einar - Task 1 - Task 2 - Task 3

House Terryn

Questoris Knight Banner COMPLETE

Questoris Knight Banner COMPLETE

Questoris Knight Banner COMPLETE


General Zodd - Task 2 COMPLETE - Task 3 COMPLETE

Master Ciaphas - Task 3 COMPLETE,

Mendi Warrior - Task 3 COMPLETE THAT'S WORTH TASK 4!!!

Tenth Floor Mosquito - Task 1 COMPLETE

Xanthier - Task 1 COMPLETE

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Ok let's kick this off then. Timing for this event is good for me as I've just finished a load of work on 40k stuff so my schedule is free.


I pledge TASK 4: PRINCEPS VENERABILIS - 6 Titans. These will be an Astoum Warhound plus three Warhounds, a Reaver and Penumbral Reaper (Warlord) for Legio Mortis.


I might try and do a banner or two of knights. I'm thinking of taking some to the event at Warhammer World in February. Don't think I'll pledge these for now. I might end up doing 6 Cerastus split between Loyalist and Traitor houses, so I've no idea what that would count as.


Last year I narrowly escaped servitor-hood and got my maniple done. Let's see if I can repeat the trick.

Edited by Mandragola
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I'll pledge for TASK 1: MENIAL - sadly no new titans have as of yet been revealed, so mainly waiting on those.

It'll be the two buildings in the middle of this pic, since the tower and arch-one have both been painted -



Edited by Xanthier
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I'm in and in the words of Grumio I'm uppin' the ante!


TASK 2 PRINCEPS SENIORIS - 3 Titans of the Legio Tempestus: Reaver and 2 Warhounds for a Venator/Ferrox Maniple



TASK 1: BARON – One Banner of Questoris Knights (they are built and undercoated silver but the carapace and armour panels are separate and sprayed white)


Pictures to come later!

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With a Battle forge and a Grand master I have a lot to do I will use this oportunity to try to complete all my titans and knights. I will upgrade as I complete each level task

I will start with 


TASK 1: PRINCEPS - 1 Titan - Two warhound for crucius

TASK 1: BARON – One Banner - Questoris knights

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A great start! :woot:

Now, although technically not necessary for the mechanics of the event, I strongly recommend to name your Titans - it makes them come to life!

Also let us know the Legios of Titans and the Houses of the Knights! Again, not technically required for the mechanics of the event but it makes an unofficial "competition" between the various Legios and Knightly Houses (even if they are homegrown). :smile.:

Lastly, let me know the classes of the various engines so I can add them above!

I've been gone for a while and this is the perfect event to kick start me back into painting as well as finally getting around to AT.

TASK 1: PRINCEPS - 1 Titan

Good to see you Hard! :smile.: Don't forget to give us your Legio and the name of the Ttian!

One down.

Hidden Content


Oh boy, you work fast!!! :biggrin.:


An Axiom Maniple for the foul traitor Legio Krytos.

A brave start there! Now give us the classes and the names of the Titans! :pirate:

With a Battle forge and a Grand master I have a lot to do I will use this oportunity to try to complete all my titans and knights. I will upgrade as I complete each level task

I will start with

TASK 1: PRINCEPS - 1 Titan - Two warhound for crucius

TASK 1: BARON – One Banner - Questoris knights

You have two Warhounds there ,that technically it's still Task 1 BUT if you paint another one during the event, you'll qualify for Task 2! :smile.:


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Yet to pick a name... or a Legio.
Most likely to be home brewed Legio to fit in with my Epic Dark Angels

When you say "Epic" you mean Epic scale or that (the more correct) that your Dark Angels ARE Epic!!! :lol:

OK, I think I have added everything correctly now... :unsure.:

Thanks everyone, keep them coming and let's see more joining in!

Can you switch my House to Terryn please.

Terryn it is!

My knight class is questoris the basic knights I'm a bit stumped on the house so I might just make up my own that can work with Defensor and Tempestus

OK, let me know once you work it out. :) In the mean time, I have updated your entry for a Banner of Questoris.

Before I commit, still cool to finish off started Titans? If no that's also cool, I'll just have to hold off until the unpainted guys get to the top of the painting queue.


Sure but they will be standalone entires i.e. they cannot count towards a Task. They will get a special badge though: Enginseer!


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I'll sign on for task 1: princeps


One Warlord and one Reaver of Legio Mortis


Warlord; Exitium Proclamator (low gothic Herald of Ruin)

Reaver; Tarandrum Volantes (low gothic Flying Reindeer... It was a secret Santa gift

Edited by blackbabyjesus
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