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=][= Unit of the Week: Inquisitor Coteaz

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First week's post ...

gallery_26_6416_686.png Inquisition Unit of the Week Series

Welcome to the Inquisition Unit of the Week Series!

Following the release of the White Dwarf "codex", and the re-emergence of your Lord Inquisitor from hibernation, there is no better time to discuss the unique units we have access to, plus some units from other codices that have traditionally been ours. Each week a different unit will appear, with the idea being that we discuss how best to use that model on the battlefield. This thread is for discussing the rules are as they are, to try to unlock the unit's its potential for those who wish to use it.

Without further ado, here's this week's entry:

gallery_30308_9518_1608.png Inquisitor Coteaz

I'm just "Mathhammering" when I think about Coteaz because I've never actually used him myself, but on paper at first blush we have another "Inquisitor with bonuses" insofar as he's got armour regular inquisitors don't have access to (even better than Greyfax, he gets Artificer armour for a juicy 2+), a thunder hammer, and some extra shootiness with the ever popular cyber eagle. He also gets to cast two psychic "spells" versus the regular inquisitor -- so better all around if you want a heretic radical psyker inquisitor.

  • What, in your view, makes Inquisitor Coteaz special and better/different from a standard Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor? Are there aspects that make him better beyond what I've noted?
  • How is Coteaz best used?
  • The old Spy Network/"I've been expecting you" has been fun for several editions, although it's not as potent now that only Ordo Malleus units benefit from it ... what's the best Acolyte/Jokaero combo for making use of this rule?
  • Is the Spy Network something to build around or just a nice bonus?
  • Making Coteaz warlord makes his psychic powers even better. I'm not a heretic a puritan so I don't go in much for psychic stuff. Is this worth it?
  • Stratagems that are useful with Coteaz?
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Good for giving ld 10 to conscripts

Since he can cast both ignore morale and 5++ he's pretty useful without strats

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I have just bought him and painted him but yet not played any games with him. My plan to use him is o have him help me with psychic defence and throw out a smite. Give him warlordtrait for 1 CP and he will really help out I think.

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Never used Coteaz because the thematic connection with my Sisters and the Hereticus always made them the fluffy choice. However, with the release of the Grey Knight PA content, I went out and bought the GK dex, and yeah, I'm looking to put together a detachment.  


But I like Coteaz ALOT after reading his rules and background. From a story perspective, his Spy Network is brilliant, because it is a cool hook to make all of his Acolytes members of the Spy Network. So in a campaign like the Chronicle of Saint Katherine's Aegis, you can seed the territories with Spy Network Acolytes who come in on the first dropship full of pilgrims, who flock to the planet after the system emerges from the warp.


So that means in a 40K game, I would want to build on the spy network. Here's how to maximize that:


Take two units of 5 acolytes and arm them with plasma. Place Coteaz himself in hard LOS blocking cover in the middle of your deployment zone with one of his units 6" to the left and the other 6" to the right where they can better see action on the field. When reinforcements appear, you can use the spy network to get a shot with all 5 plasma guns in one of those units, where you can burn requisition against Quarry for the reroll 1's. If you pick Psychic Pursuit as a psychic power they can use those shots to snipe characters and if you are warlord or use the mandate to pick Power Through Knowledge, you can give it a 5+ invulnerable save to increase your odds of surviving return fire. Putting a single Jokaero with each unit allows them to benefit from his buff as well.


I know a lot of Inquisitorial detachments include Land Raiders; only the Prometheus Variant is in CA 2019 as an Inqusition Transport. Not sure if these have the Ordo trait, but if you parked one of those within 6" of them, they would qualify for Spy Network and Psychic Pursuit, though not Power Through Knowledge.


His psychic capacity is brutal. With the WL Trait, you get 2 powers + Smite, casting all 3 every turn with 2 denies! And you can even use the Inquisitorial Mandate so you can take the WL Trait without actually being the WL. The combo above works in some builds, but another good option is Terrify/ Castigation; first you reduce their leadership, then you try to beat that lowered leadership on 3d6 in order to do D3 Mortal Wounds.

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I've used him as a psychic powerhouse supporting my guard and moving along my Bulgryns. Throwing out 2d3 MWs and denying overwatch with terrify, castigation and smite is just deadly. His spy network for costing the opponent an extra CP used in the right moment can also be massive. For doing melee or the ranged damage he's okay, but not all that amazing without his fairly limited quarry.


10/10 would recommend.

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I'm a big fan of Coteaz. He is my warlord 99 out of 100 times.


Really, the biggest benefit of Coteaz is that he is generally good at everything.

  • Toughness - A 2+/5+ save is about as good as it gets for inquisitors
  • Close Combat - His no-penalty thunder hammer is wonderful in the right situations. You have to pick your fights carefully (he's still a mortal) but he hits hard enough to consider fighting things other inquisitors wouldn't even try.
  • Psychic Powers - He's one of the best psychic inquisitors out there, and that is before the benefits of his warlord trait.
  • Support - His leadership bubble benefits from is special character leadership stat. His Spy Network rule is almost critical for solo (or near solo) inquisition armies since we can't field the numbers to screen anything. A deeps striking unit eating a Land Raider Prometheus of dakka is always good fun and will make anybody think twice before encountering it even once.
  • Ranged - He has a d6 shot bolter...eh, you can't have everything.

He's a great all arounder with a cheap cost. For marines, I'd run him as a pseudo-librarian for a discount. For IG, he can throw out 5+ invuls and some melee. For pure inquisition, he lets them compete with armies that alpha strike with...some...success. Just great.

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I use him with my sisters. Upgrade with the warlord trait strat (usually) so he can cast 3 powers (terrify, smite, either castigate or dominate depending) and deny two, which doubles with the sisters 4+ deny strat.


He brings reliable mortal wounds in the psychic phase, ability to shut down overwatch, which is huge, and is no slouch in combat with his S6 3 damage weapon. Generally he hangs out with a blessed blade canoness and celestine to plug holes/support where needed. I’ve been expecting you I use to chew up opponents CP or deny them a crucial strat late game.


And that he still enables sacred rites...there is really no reason not to take him.

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