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Xenos in 30k Mk.2


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With the Austalis Ultima having recently released their Necron army book, I thought it might be  good time to restart conversation on this topic. This is for discussion on playing xenos armies in 30k in general and in any form, with following being examples of homebrew army lists for 30k xenos.


Austalis Ultima:

The Australis Ultima group, Andrew Hollis in particular, is working on armybooks that bring some of the 40k Xenos factions in 30k, with army lists that represent their own interpretation of those army's structure during this period. Currently the Craftworld Eldar armybook is complete, the Necron one is in its final stage, and work on the Ork army book is underway.


Craftworld Eldar:







King Fluff:

King Fluff from the Unity Before Heresy Blog has for some time been working on compilation books for smaller army lists that represent different xenos and non-compliant civilisations that were encountered during the Great Crusade as described in the Horus Heresy novels. Currently two are complete.


Conquest, which possesses rules for-

-The Laer

-The Storm Scions

-The Nephilim

-The Megarachnids

-The Nurthene

-The Olamic Quitude



Conflict, with rules for-

-The Exodites

-The Demiurg

-The Interex

-The Keylekid

-The Hrud

-The Jorgall



Edit: replaced the links with the ones for the updated versions.

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Time for an update:


King Fluff has finished a set of updates to his first two Enemies of the Great Crusade books. The original links above for those are broken so I'll replace those once I've posted this.


In addition, he has also completed-




-Agents of the Emperor

-Agents of the Void (including elements of the Cabal)

-Great Crusade Campaign rules.



In addition to this, the Australis Ultima group has nearly completed their own 30k Ork rulebook, which is in the finalising stages.



The link to the Australis Ultima Google Drive includes all three of the projects Army Books, as well as the completed Rogue Trader and Agents and Fugitives of the Australis Ultima sector sections which will later be compiled in their first Librarium Terra book.


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