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Greetings, my fellow chaos followers! As you probably have noticed, the influence of Grandfather Nurgle is spreading throughout the world. And what better time to take care of that big pile of various shades of grey that is populating our wardrobes, attics and other storage places. As such, I was thinking I could have a little improvised event with this. :smile.:

The premise is pretty simple. Do you have "that old project I never finished", or a squad that has been basecoated but never really finished. GET IT DONE! :biggrin.: The event will be live for from 1st of April to the 31st of May and you vow one project at a time. Yes, you heard correct, it starts TOMORROW! (I did say "improvised") At the end, you'll get a fancy badge for your signature depending on the number of vows you have finished. Pictures will be needed for "before" and "after". :smile.:

So how do you finish a vow, I hear you ask? Well, the only one you're competing against is yourself! As long as the project clearly has been improved upon since the start, it's valid...within reason ofc.

*Got grey sprues you need to assemble and paint, that's fine

*Got grey built models that needs paint, that's fine

*Got basecoated models or models with basic colours on them, that's fine as well.

*Got models you're unsure of, PM me and I'll take a look.

The main post for the event where you make your vows and declare completitions will be: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/362914-the-spring-backlog-cleaning/

Since the event is very much improvised, the badges are still under construction. We'll let you know when they're done. :)

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Alright, first of the vows. 11 Bloodletters. They’ve been stripped, but some of the original paint is still visible. Next step is the base coat. I won’t be basing them as I’m still uncertain what my overall basing theme is going to be.


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