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I know what I Thesaurus is ;)


I was more interested in finding out what one would call an Inquisitors files on a specific topic(say a Heretic Astartes Warband), what rank of Inquisitor would be tasked with the investigation of a warband, and what format it should take in text form?


Thanks all!


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An Inquisitor of any "rank" might investigate a warband. There are no true ranks, simply honorifics for those Inquisitors with [very nebulous] degrees of prestige.


An Inquisitor might draw upon their vast resources in conducting their investigation, utilizing their Acolytes and contacts in this endeavor. One type of Acolyte, for example, is an "Investigator" and their role is probably self-explanatory. Then there are the various autosavants, sages, etc. that are at an Inquisitor's disposal.


As for the form of the report, literally any format might be used. One source might submit a fairly standard message, of which we have myriad examples and formats. Another might submit an actual report/briefing which might fall into any format. There's no fixed format that such a report might take, so if you're looking at creating your own, the world is your oyster.

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