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4 assassins?

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Why yes, yes I do.




It is a blast. Rarely are any of the assassins considered a waste. Even the Culexus assassin is a hoot without enemy psykers to molest.


Having all four means you gain CP, instead of spending it, while getting access to all of the differing ways the Officio Assassinorum has to mess with enemy plans. Need to clear a screen, throw an eversor at it. Need to cost the enemy CP while frustrated by that archon's 2++? Callidus got your back. Rarely do enemy armies have zero infantry characters and that is the Vindicare's bread and butter.

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I used to play the whole Execution Force quite a bit when the WD rules came out and they were always fun. Takes some skill and experience to use them right and also to have the right expectations as to what they can realistically achieve. And I've pretty much always had one or two that didn't end up doing much.


But yeah, great fun. Bit of a shame they increased the points in CA by 10 each, In think that made a whole force a bit less viable and encourages the use of the choose your assassin strat more.

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I used to use it at 1k level with my Blood Angels before they received Combat Doctrines. The rest of the list was a Scout force.


Their use is self explanatory tbh - use them to their strengths and/or to plug any gaps in your support case. Just make sure you have enough CP in the rest of your force to make use of some of their stratagems.

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On this note, there is today's PA short story. :smile.:



That is such a good story and I'm glad to see the Brazen Drakes get more of what they deserve.


As far as fielding 4 assassins, there isn't much synergy between assassins because nothing has abilities that benefit them (except Guilleman, which is fun) and they don't have abilities that benefit others. However, it is fun to note that having all four means you'll probably gain some CP from their character killing stratagem. That means that not only are you not spending 2 CP to field just one guy, you're gaining one for using a detachment, and probably gaining 2-3 for killing enemy characters. A nice trade off for using a detachment.

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