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Knight Rampager w.i.p.


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Great idea Petey! 

well the other evening I emailed Duncan Rhodes paint academy. Didn’t think he’d get back to me but he did this afternoon. He suggested a really thinned down silver highlight. He said he’d never come across this conundrum before too. But I think I’m gonna give the highlights on the colourshift a miss and just highlight the other colours. 

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Yea it’s super interesting I think because it is a product your seeing a lot more of nowadays and the techniques you’d think to go to just don’t really do the same thing when finishing. It’s a really cool effect though so I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it!
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This knight ended up falling off my desk and literally broke into loads of pieces and I couldn’t find them all so I’ve put some of it in my bits box and binned the rest. But I picked up the army set when it was released and I’ve just picked up another knight with the tusks plus I also picked up a sons of behemat mega gargant and I want to do a conversion with the gargant and one of the knights in a nurglelistic horror! Just got to figure out how to do so.

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