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Is Kyria Draxus a good Inquisitor?

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This is the warcom article that gives you her statline, a weapon profile for her modified shuricat and her paralysis grenades. Targeted smites, as mentioned above, courtesy of her familiar/ dragon.




You mentioned starting an Inquisition force- you may want to check out B&C's Imperial Agents forum too. The big questions about using any inquisitor, really, are which Ordo, and are they radical or Puritan?


If you think you're going to be up against a lot of alien armies, then Kyria is the right Ordo. If you expect to be fighting a lot of Daemons, or a lot of chaos cults, one of the other two Ordos might be more up your alley. Kyria is also a radical, so she has no trouble using the tools of her foes against them. I could see her working with a Jokaero or two.


It might also be worth noting that the Deathwatch or the Chamber Militant of the Order Xenos, so if you like Deathwatch, or even better, if you already had some, they'd be great with Kyria. 

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