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~~ Sullied Honour and Broken Oaths ~~ Astral Claws

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To the Inquisitor-Legate in command of Imperial Forces in the Badab War:

Dear Inquisitor,

This message will be passed on from one of your agents directly to you, I apologise for the nature of the delivery but I feel the situation requires it. It has recently come to my attention that Chapter Master Lufgt Huron will not back down from the position he has been forced into, to him the mere thought of surrendering what was given to the Chapter he now commands is impossible in his mind. Despite this befitting an Astral Claw it does cause me grave concern.

Who I am and what I plan on doing is of no importance yet, however I understand that given the Betrayal at Grief that simple trust is something that neither side can afford to give. As such I have attached some note worthy locations that your Agents in those systems will be able to verify after knowing what to look for.

I await your response.


A Member of the Maelstrom Warders





Sagan System

Sagan III



Exact Location Unknown

Administratum Complex


Upload complete



Unknown Astral Claw


Pic Capture

Inquisitorial Stormtrooper Squad

Attached to Inquisitor Kaylai

Squad KIA

Inquisitorial Retinue KIA

Inquisitor Kaylai MIA



Audio Located



Upload Complete

Voice Matched Inquisitor Kaylai

We forgot that the Astral Claws are Lions.

Yes they fight to the death when they deem it vital, yes they fight in the silver and lapis, but we forgot one thing about them.

They are Lions.

They Hunt, and they will wait for their Prey to fall into their sights before striking.

They are Lions afterall.


End Log

Inquisitor Kaylai didn't even see it coming, she was searching the genatorium sector of the Administratum Complex. She had a full squad of Stormtroopers, equipped with Plasma weaponry, as well as her own small retinue. That should have been enough. It wasn't. Five Stormtroopers died first, two of which had the plasma weapons, four had time to raise their weapons but only one fired before they were killed as well. It didn't fire, it cut, it stabbed and it bludgeoned with is limbs.

Without stopping from where it had been hidden in the wall, they didn't hear the thrum of it's Power Armour over the generators and that was what killed them.

Her retinue was dead, Commissar Freia died last. The Lion's combat bade shoved into her eye socket, her head was too small and a third of the blade protruded from the back of the skull. With a flick Freia's body was thrown to one side and Kaylai looked up into the Lion, seeing nothing but death.

She didn't fire, her laspistol - however well crafted it was - would hardly damage the paint, instead she raised her Power Sword but the Lion just stared at her.

'I am not here to kill you, Inquisitor Kaylai. Agent to Inquisitor-Legate Jarndyce Frane.'

'Then why did you kill them?' She started to back away but the Lion stalked forward after her.

'They were in my way. You will come with me.'

'And it I don't?'

It moved just as quick as it had done when it first struck, one second her Power Sword was pointed at it the next it was on the floor with her hand still attached. She clamped down on her arm, trying and failing to stop the blood loss. She didn't see the Lion with her sword. It pressed it against her forearm which now ended just before the wrist and she screamed at the pain.

'You will live.'

Consciousness fading, she saw the Lion reach out and grab her.

'Someone needs you as a messenger.'

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Hmmm, Astral Claws you say.


This is looking mighty good so far.


Pray continue good sir....



Yes Astral Claws, piqued your intrest did they? :teehee:



That was good, more please


I enjoy it when a single marine is shockingly brutal and effective, how it should be to my mind.

Thanks! Thats what I was trying to go with, and I didn't need to dip outside the tactical box set to do so! Well maybe... I think the blade may have been from the sternguard box... Its hard to remember what I grabbed from my bitz pile/


Cool read. Hoping to see and read more.

Well I have almost 500 points of a kill team force to paint and I want to get a 25PL force built and painted as well, so you'll be seeing more from me yet!

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Oooooh.  A story about a potentially loyal Astral Claw?  :biggrin.: :thumbsup:


:whistling:  Spoilers! But keep checking in and you'll soon see.



In other news I have joined the Back to Badab Kill-team Challenge as extra help to motivate me into getting my models painted.

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