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Chosen Sons - NiceGuyAdi's homebrew Primaris


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"Suffer Not The Weak"


When Primaris marines were first launched, I read a lot of threads on the B&C where some proclaimed Marines 2.0 were the future, and OldMarines were dead, with others understandably upset that their years of investment seemed to be dismissed by NuMarines' introduction. I decided to make a Primaris chapter out of the argument.


So the Chosen Sons came about in my head. A Chapter of Primaris-only marines who see themselves as the zenith of humanity. They fight in the Emperor's name, but are not 'good guys' in the setting. They dismiss regular Space Marines as failures, and view regular humans as some barely related species. Non-Primaris humans are completely expendable to them.


This Chapter has a culture in which cruelty is nurtured from the first days of being an Aspirant, and they make a point of causing suffering to their defeated enemies.


The first thing I did was sort a colour scheme. If you've not seen the Impcat app, it's really good for trying out colour schemes without spending a fortune on models. This was, after a bunch of versions, what I settled on:




And then, after a year of trying to get any hobbying done (young family/life...) I finally managed to get the first test model done:

[Edit, took a better picture:]




[and the old picture for posterity:]


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So having got test subject #1 done, I refined a bit for subject #2. The first thing I wasn't happy with was the Chapter badge. This was already version I forget how many:




I'd wanted an icon that represented the pair of Brotherhoods the chapter revolves around, hence the same shapes in different colours. My problem with it was that it was too clean, ordered and bland. I wanted something a little more disturbing, so I think I've settled on this:




Test subject #2 also has a change in colour for the ribbing at the neck, elbows, hips and knees (sounds like a nursery rhyme), and a change on the Bolter casing:




This is getting there. I hate the basing (it needs more but I'm not sure about the colours) and I'm going to change the Aquila to match the red on the kneepad and faceplate.

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So two test marines felt like enough to get cracking here. I only came up with the idea two years ago, so maybe time to start an actual squad?




As Yosef mentioned before, trophies are a thing with these guys. But my feeling isn't that these are battlefield kills. Instead...


This being a fleet-based Chapter, it collects Aspirants as it goes along in pairs from the same community. Each young man is placed into one of the Chapter's two Brotherhoods, and early in their training they go through "the thinning", a ritual where the pair are put in an arena and made to fight until one is dead. This is observed by the Battle Brothers, and Aspirants that hesitate to fight are killed by the Marines.


At the end of each bout, trophies are taken from the losers' body. If the victor survives through to becoming a Battle Brother, he may take these trophies into battle as a reminder that the weak deserve only suffering and death.

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Can't believe I started planning this chapter out two years ago, and I've only just finished one squad. But seven weeks to get them painted is actually pretty quick for me, so I'll take that.


I'm pretty happy with them, but not 100% I prefer making the Aquila red as opposed to the brass/gold of the test marines. Maybe they just need a bit more contrast in them. Hmmm...



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Thanks for the comments, all. Dallo, I'm planning on using topknots and (possibly) crests as identifiers for Sergeants, Lieutenants and Captains. Freakshow, I think you've voiced my concern about the gold aquilas; they get lost against the armour. Red it is!


Ok, on to the next squad. By the time I've done these I should be comfortable enough with the scheme to do an HQ. Annoyingly I have to wait for shipping on the base colour primer (the current coat is only for the shadows that the rattle can will miss):



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It's been ever slow going in my hobby, without ever quite stopping. I've not updated any of my plogs here in ages because I didn't have a space to take pictures I'd be happy with, but no longer!




So here are the Intercessors I left hanging 18 months ago. I went paler on the armour, wanting more ivory than sandy coloured for them:



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Since I finished the Intercessors, I'd also started a unit of Outriders. I'm tryng to get these guys a bit more cruel looking as I go through them, so chains are going on along with the skulls now:




They're painted, too:




I'm really happy with how these pics have come out, and generally with how they're looking. A couple of HQ units, and I'll have a Combat Patrol three years after I started them!

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Great looking marines mate! I really like the colour scheme, and the trophies and chains are very cool. I like the lore you've come up with too.


Oh and the chapter symbol looks really cool too, I was not too sure based on the graphic you first posted, looked a little Thousand Sons, but on the models it look excellent. 


Look forward to seeing more!

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