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Inquisitorial Acolytes and Crusade

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Picked up my copy of Pariah yesterday, at last.


Lately, I've been building 25PL combat patrols for all of my armies to prep for Crusade, and contemplating this with the Inquisition led to some really interesting observations.


Acolytes can be fielded in squads, or as characters if taken as single model units. In Crusade, units and characters earn different battle honours, meaning that acolytes could split their BH acquisition between traits that function when they fight as a squad and traits that function when they fight as individuals.


They can also acquire WL traits which would function when they fought as individuals.


And if they acquire character based Crusade Relics, I think they would keep the relic even when fielded as part of a unit.


It's interesting to me that playing Crusade style allows Acolytes to function more closely to their intent; Crusade brings out the potential for the diversity of Acolytes in a way that the regular rules cannot.

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Adding models to a unit is permanent though afaik and impossible past a certain amount of xp, so you can do it but not very much.

Could be an interesting house rule though, especially in a campaign focused on smaller games

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Yeah, I'll check it out in more detail once the book is in my hands tomorrow.


What I might end up doing instead is just having one or two be permanently designated as character Acolytes, and others permanently designated as a squad.


Just less complicated that way. I'll have to do some real digging though; the question becomes one of whther or not there are enough tools in the toolbox to make a character Acolyte interesting and useful enough to be valuable to an Inquisitor.

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