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9th. Ed. and Inquisition (email GW)

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Today, with Pariah being FAQ'd, I sent this email to GW.


The faction preview for 9th edition said that the Inquisition would be able to use Patrol Detachments. I was very excited about this and hoped that this meant a 9th ed. FAQ for Pariah would make acolytes a troop choice. Now that 9th ed. is out and Pariah has been FAQ'd, I see that this has not happened. As a result, Inquisition cannot field Patrol Detachments.

Is this an oversight? Can this be addressed and, hopefully, changed to make Inquisition more viable in detachments?


Inquisition was rumored, by GW itself, to get to use Patrol Detachments. Unless my reading is inaccurate, we cannot. This feels like either and oversight for a slight. Either way, I think GW should have to put up with an email or ten about it.


If you've got a few spare moments, please email GW at 40kFAQ@gwplc.com with a similar question. Hopefully, a few extra emails will cause GW to consider making a relatively small change. If not, I get to annoy somebody as much as they annoy me.

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I think unfortunately we might just have to accept that GW don't really have any interest in making Inquisition playable or relevant. There are so many glaring issues with the rules as they stand. No real ability to take transports, paying full price for special weapons despite bs 4+ like guard, no access to classic inquisition staples like ministorum units unless you want to pay the CP to take three separate detachments.

This all just to access an already uncompetitive set of units, the limitations are so overbearing that you end up with an army that's not just underpowered, it's not even fun.

Inquisition is always going to be a fluff army so I'm at the point where, much as I hate having to do it, I think if I want to play inquisition I'll have to ask my opponent if they mind me fudging the detachment rules to some extent...

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