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Apothecary finished: I didn't enjoy paining his model :apart from he base), too many fiddly bits for my liking. I painted him in silver because as my techmarines are metallic red, my librarian is metallic blue,, it just felt right for the apothecary to be metallic white or as close as I could get,#. I do actually have a paler metallic to go over this bu I reached a point where I was sick of the model, i was good enough to game with, and I had too many other things that needed painting to justify spending more time on him.








The scroll is blank because I haven't decided on a name yet for any of my character models.


Now to finish batch painting the 10 man Infiltrator squad!

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It'll be a bit quiet here for a week or so as I'm heading back to Scotland from Cornwall (where my best mate has been assembling things for me). My paints will be sent first and the rest as the transfers are applied and finished. I do have some things to paint at home but they're Lumineth so not for here.

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So literally 2 seconds after whining to my partner that all my friends on social media are getting their made to order Indomitus boxes, the postie drops this chonky boi off:




I will definitely have the Bladeguards out of there with these as replacement shields as the current ones don't feel very 'Iron Handsy' if you know what I mean:




Not quite sure what to do with the rest as I really don't need more Iron Hands. I've 'only' got 5k points but that's a lot for someone with 1 hand to transport xD

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Hi, your Iron Hands are awesome!


Hope you're still working on 'em. Was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your armour scheme? Thinking of doing a Iron Hands Kill-Team.

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