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Wardogs (Armigers) for Psychic Ritual

Doom Herald

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I'm looking at running a detachment of Armigers with my Night Lords to test some things out. In addition to simply being heavy models, I want to try using the Tzeentchian Pyrothrone to make one of the Wardogs a Psyker capable of performing Psychic Ritual from the center of the battlefield. I'm going with two Wardog Autocannons and a Heavy Stubber on that model. Of the other two Wardogs, one will have an identical load out and the other will be the Thermalspear/Chaincleaver variant with a Melta.


I'm leaning towards Iconoclasts to give the Psyker the Vow of Dominance to better protect it (plus the synergy with NLs is fun). I'm having trouble deciding on what warlord trait and Household Bond to use, though.


The rest of my army will be primarily blitzing the enemy line, so the Psyker will likely be lower threat priority. The main question then becomes if durability or damage output should be my concern here and what will accomplish that best for me. I'm not opposed to using Infernal Households instead of Iconoclasts if there's good reason. I don't normally use Knights, but I thought that it would be fun to change things up a little and would really appreciate any help.

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I'm no Chaos Knights expert, and what you plan to do sounds fun and unique. It's hard to answer your question though. If they're all Wardogs, who is your warlord? (For the WL trait question?) 


Household Bond... honestly I've always played Iconoclast. I don't have a favorite though. Most of them are of a CC nature, so I always just add wounds. It's really a different take on it though with your list. You may just have to hammer it out on the table and see what fits. 

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Well, I tried it out using the extended weapon range and +1" move and always use the top bracket for move traits. Considering I was playing against harlequins with a LOT of bikes with haywire (anti-vehicle), 2 shadowseers (deny the witch) and all the troops were set up for melee (which was what my army was as well) it went pretty well. We had to end early but it was very close. He probably would have won unless I pulled off psychic ritual, which would have come down to him getting his remaining shadowseer within deny the witch range and succeeding. So far, it feels like putting too much on that one model. I might make room for a summoned Psyker as backup. I'll have to try it again against an army that didn't feel like the very thing I didn't want to play against. Edited by Doom Herald
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