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Chaos Knight in Combat Patrol


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Howdy folks, looking to get into combat patrol, considering bringing my House Malinax traitors. For this format, I am considering my girl Acus Falx, the Chaff's Scythe, pictured in the foreground:


Infernal Knight Despoiler, WYSIWYG with a chainsword, avenger, and rocket pod.

Knower of Profane Secrets will help fuel her Trail of Destruction, counter-balanced by Warp Fugue (not super worried about much at 500 points harming her up close). and her warlord trait is Infernal Quest so I don't auto-lose objectives.

Helm of Warp Sight will prevent cover from being much of an issue, but I am not totally sold on Infernal House bonds... any ideas? What do y'all use?

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Unless the other people are running knights as well you are going to be quite unpopular taking knights to combat patrol.

Eh, I am just playing with my two buddies and one of them is the kind of guy to drop a riptide in a tiny game.


But honestly I was wondering if taking a Knight wasn’t just going to be an auto-lose thanks to how the faction struggles to hold objectives and and secondaries can be tricky.

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I see, you are right; and the more I thought about it, the more I dislike running the stompy robot. It just seems too likely to result in an unsatisfying game, one way or the other. Guess I will have to knock together a few war dogs. 

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