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The Fate of Nemesis Tessera

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Greetings Inquisitors,


I seek information on the official status of Nemesis Tessera.  I know it was invaded at the onset of the 13th Black Crusade and was expected to survive.  I also see it's contributions to the Defense of Cadia.  But I am, as of yet, at a loss as to it's disposition following those events.  Can any of you, my esteemed colleagues, shed light on the Fate of Nemesis Tessera?


With Respect and Admiration,


Inquisitor Lord Rhomdruil 

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Near as I can tell, the inquisition achieve orbital dominance over the world and was able to leverage it to a resounding victory over chaos.


That is the end of the narrative for them, at least as far as the official narrative goes.


However, I'd be a bit surprised if things are still going well. The Eye of Terror expanded after Cadia fell and they were very close to both Cadia and the Eye. Now that Chaos forces know where to find them, and they're effectively cut off from the greater Imperium, they'd be living in a constant state of siege until they fell. It'd only be a matter of time, unless some deus ex machina was there to protect them. Abaddon wouldn't want a foe like the inquisition to have free reign right in his back yard.

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