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Inquisition Points Costs

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Hi, looking at the field manual from the beginning of 9th, these points costs are all over the place for inquisition. 14pts for a melta but 10pts for combimelta? Plasma guns 11pts when everybody else pays 10?

Has there been any FAQ to put these right as I can't find it?

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Not that I have seen.


My plan for my Inquisitor is to keep him pretty bare-bones and run him as a support character. The CP Regen WLT and a handy selection of psychic powers are probably the strongest use for an Inquisitor unless you want to run one of the special characters.

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so there has now been an FAQ and instead of fixing the points, GW haven't listed points for the following weapon options on either inquisitors or acolytes:


plasma guns


condemnor boltguns


hot shot lasguns




so presumably these are all free upgrades now! happy days!

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