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Prim's 40K WIP Thread


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Hi All!


I'm still fairly new around this forum, I have a thread in the Age of Darkness section for my HH projects, but I thought I should get something started for my 40K projects as well. Just as a forewarning, I don't play 9th, I am mainly painting and building for playing narrative games of 5th with some house rules attached. As such, not every unit or model will be codex compliant.


I currently have ongoing armies for Black Templars, Space Sharks, Ad-Mech, Astral Claws, Genestealer Cult, Catachan IG, Necrons and Iron Warriors. I have a tendency to bounce around between different projects as the mood takes me, but right now I am trying to get my Iron Warriors tabletop ready.


Anyway, I guess people are looking at this thread to see some pretty pictures.



This is a unit that I started on. I am using a youtube tutorial from Pete the Wargamer for the paint scheme. These guys will end up incredibly filthy by the time they are done.



And here are some figures at a later stage in the process. I have thrown in a few Mk.III power armour parts and the occasional ad-mech bit as it gives the Iron Warriors are more solid appearance. Where possible, I've tried to avoid spikey bitz, such as horns on the helmets, as I like the idea of these guys being less 'chaos worshippers' and more practical in their war against the Imperium.



This fellow is going to be my Master of Demolitions. I think that IW armies tend to revolve around heavy ordnance and siege guns, but my own theme is to have this force being the guys who work to undermine the enemy walls and then storm the breach when they come down. I have a Chaos Lord model for the force as well, but this guy is the engineer who oversees the mining operations and ensures the walls collapse as quickly as possible. Of course, this job isn't exactly the safest profession to be in, so he has a bionic arm, cybernetic skull implants and reinforced terminator armour. In addition to his trusty combi-melta, he has also attached a heavy stubber to the top of his armour to aid in clearing out those pesky defenders who get in his way.

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The Master of Demolitions looks great! Will you add bloodstains- maybe a mutilated corpse at his feet- to show he's in battle?

Definitely. I plan on adding bloodstains to some of the close combat weapons. Some of the bases (The master of demolitions for example) have barbed-wire on them, which will also be getting bloodied up.

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I see many fine works, and applaud your efforts on Perturabo's sons- not that the Primarch will ever appreciate them.

Thank you. Even if Perturabo never notices, it was still a lot of fun getting these guys painted.

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