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love your work on the old minis, theve a very different character to the new ones. i plan to repaint mine with darker coats  which yours has reminded me  i still have to do though i greenstuffed hair onto mine, also helped with matching in a few other companys models too.


necromundia gang delaque

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not quite as mad- especially the juves but when i revisit may do that juves get shaved to join and hair is earned. course evey time ive played my heavy got shot in the head and got brain damaged(old edition) and went insane which wasnt ideal... going to try talking someone into trying a few new games... i want to start modeling earned trophies and wounds etc..

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Should be an update later this month...


I, Reclusiarch Jolemai , embark on the 12 Months of Hobby Challenge, and for the month of December pledge to complete 7x Necromunda miniatures by month's end.


To do:
  • Three half painted ones needs moving to completion
  • The remaining four need their bases finished and barrels sorted, then painted from scratch

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Well, you're certainly more ready than I am for our future Necromunda game! :sweat::laugh.:


Really impressed by your consistent progress: I'd like to try and emulate that for my own projects... what's the secret? :tongue.:


Thanks :)


No real secret, it's just been a combination of breaking them down into manageable chunks for the 12M Challenge and that they have been a good foil for my BAs - interchanging between both projects has not only kept my interest but avoided the dread of having so much to do.

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Heavy, Ganger, Juve complete

  • Heavy with lascannon
  • Ganger with lasgun
  • Juve with autopistol and knife

December/Plodding Along update

I forgot to post these when they were done around ten days ago :blush.:

December: 3/7 complete
Plodding Along: 24/28 complete

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Well, it's been kept secret from until now! :P :lol:


More seriously, I appreciate the advice!


Also, great to see that you managed to complete all of the Necromunda elements of your Plodding Along vow: nicely done. :tu:


What's next Necromunda-wise from you?

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Awesome work on the old delaque models - back in the day, my main opponent played delaque, so its a real trip for me to see yours see new life.  Plus, while I find the old models for delaque superior to the new models - while I prefer the aesthetic of the new models, they are too skinny and their posing is ridiculous and unnatural, which is a shame as I think the new necromunda range is otherwise very good.


A particular softspot in my heart for that ratskin scout - I loved those models, so flavourful and their posing was perfect for the sump natives they were.  I would love to see them redone in the new Necromunda, but its hard to see how they could successfully capture their native north american indigenous flavour without also bringing along the stereotyping that came with it.  Which is a shame, as they are part of what made, for me, Necromunda feel more like a western than inner-city, which made it a much more evocative setting, IMHO.

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