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Grey knights tournie list 2000pts

Brother Kanan

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Hi Guys


I have evolved this list over time for competitive play and think it leans well into the meta, especially vs marines and death guard. Grey knights are my main competitive army only one I’ve been using for a while and had reasonable success in events with different lists - interested to see your guys thoughts on the below?


Draigo (armoured resilience, warp shaping)


Brother captain, warding stave, psilencer (sanctuary)


Librarian, stormbolter, santic shard (edict imperator, empryan domination)


5 strikes, halberds, 1 psilencer (gate)


5 strikes, halberds, 1 psilencer (gate)


5 strikes, halberds, 1 psilencer (gate)


10 paladins, halberds 1 warding stave (astral aim)


Paladin ancient, warlord FTTF, psilencer, augurium scrolls (hammerhand)


10 purifiers, warding staves, 4 psilencers (sanctuary)


10 interceptors, halberds


10 interceptors, halberds



The list is built around 2 solid indirect psybolt ammos a turn (edict and astral aim) with the interceptors able to move 24 inches in a turn I have the ability to get at objectives as well as a full toolbox of janky tricks (favourite part of grey knights as an army). The speed of the interceptors allows me to play cagey then counterpunch with solid threats in combat as well as shooting and some 24 inch smites vs some matchups. Interested to know your thoughts?

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I would change the psilencers to the paladins, instead of the purifiers. 3W vs 1W models, pretty much a no-brainer. The other consideration is to drop one interceptor blob for a venerable dreadnought - as you don't have ways with dealing with vehicles or T8 things. Otherwise looks pretty solid. 

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I really like this list, the double 10 man interceptor blobs look real juicy. I would get rid of the ancient and put the purifiers in a rhino for extra movement or for a screen against melee psychic armies. And give your paladins psycannons to help with vehicles. Other than that the core is really solid.
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Ok made some slight tweaks to the list based on some feedback and theory crafting. Got a game vs primaris/gravis heavy ultramarines with a culexus on Tuesday and will let you guys know how I get on.


Tweaked list is



Librarian (shard)

Chaplain (augurium scrolls)


3*5 strikes (1 psilencer in each)

10 paladins (4 psycannons)

2*10 interceptors

10 purifiers (4 psilencers)



Secondaries I am looking at probably taking engage, scramblers and grind them down as long as we have enough obscuring terrain. Think it will be a tough matchup but great practice for the list

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I got smashed. 90-40ish


There wasn’t too much in the way of obscuring terrain which didn’t help but ultimately I played too aggressive got first turn and cleared an invictor (placed forward) and some intercessors. I just muddled everything forward, first game in a while and just underestimated how brittle strikes/paladins/interceptors are against marine firepower especially redemptors and eradicators.


Considering my first game in ages happy I got some rust off and made a few good plays but ultimately strategy was wrong and got deleted for it.


I was considering a few options including swapping the librarian for another chaplain for another potential buff, also considering going a bit more drastic and piling in more marines by losing the paladins/downgrading them to termies but that ends up in a rewrite with a different strategy.


However I think il try to keep the list as is for another game or two - next week or week after vs custodes and tyranids I think.

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