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Close Combat Salamanders


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I am thinking about a Salamanders Successor Chapter list, and thinking of some interesting combos turning a Successor into more of a Close Combat army.  The Super Doctrine for Salamanders makes in close weapons, melta and flamers, superb weapons.  So why not up close combat potential.  I am thinking of the coveted Born Heroes, and Whirlwind of Rage. 


A 5-man Thunderhammer Storm Shield  Vanguard Veterans unit, with the right Stratagems, would get 16x Strength 9 attacks hitting on 3s with 6s counting as two hits, with either Chapter Master or Chaplain re-rolls you can fish for 6s.  Then on 6s to wound gain double damage on those Thunderhammers.  This seems like a modest investment.


Are there any other ideas, that can create multiple deadly threats in a Salamanders Successor list? 

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Another great option is Vanguard with LC and Storm Shields (and MCed LC on the Sgt).


With strats you can get them up to S5, +1 to Wound, and full rerolls to wound. Additionally, they are hitting on 2+s, 6s to wound do double damage (so Dmg2 on the normal guys, Dmg 4 for the Sgt), up to 51 attacks from a single squad (with the appropriate Relic nearby), and 6s to hit generating more hits.


Finally, you can make them very durable, with 2+/4++ base and T5/-1 to hit with the appropriate Psyker support which, combined with the mobility from their Jump Packs, make them a real melee threat to be reckoned with.

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Coincidentally, common TAC list of Raven guard also pick the Wirlwind +Born/Hungry successor chapter tactics.


And they also prefer flamer units(centurions, Aggressors), melta units(Eradicators), and Vanguard Vetrans. The difference is RG could start the game with units very close to enemy.

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I agree with L30n1d4s about Lightning Claws; I'm having a blast with them using Sallies successors with Whirlwind of Rage. Other than Vanguards I've had some good results (in casual games mind you) with Relic Terminators w/ Storm Bolters and Claws. Not fully a melee unit, more a durable line infantry but they are good at deleting hordes in both phases and they can also surprise Toughness 7-8  in melee with sudden 4 attacks on S5 Shred, 2D on 6s.


I also tried to use a Captain as a big bad Vanguard sergeant, with twin M-C claws with Sword of the imperium and Anvil of Strength, thus making him able to reach S8 with 8 attacks easily.- i think against T7 this nets similar damage output as thunder hammer and it allows him to handle infantry and hordes easily thanks to better Ws, shred and more attacks. It's a bigger investment though with CPs and I only used him in friendly games but he did alright...though you can get similar effects cheaper with possible A9 S9 Teeth of Terra.


Humble and cheap chapter champion can also be an excellent fighter with our rules, as extra S from stratagem/warlord trait up to 8-10 can be a difference maker when he is not dueling characters and can put his 6+ attacks to good use even against dreadnoughts and so.

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