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Archeotech – Treasure Hunt (IC thread)


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Archeotech – Treasure Hunt



Players and Characters


Beren  ––  Kara Llamare

Petragor  ––  Mila Pereen

Steel Company  ––   Alpha Class Utility Drone UD-9825

Urauloth  ––  Malgur Zelisug

BadgersinHills  ––  Ariel Imperatora Hu

Trokair  ––  Orthal



Day 1, Morning


The sky is just a smidge away from night, and the earliest tinges of a rising sun colour the underside of the scattered clouds. The mustering ground is already busy, and has no doubt been busy all night as supplies and personal arrived and were sorted for the individual expedition elements.


The mustering site is the within the grounds of the PDF barracks complex north of Keringrat, though various aspects have spilled out into the surrounding land. Towards the Keringrat itself a temporary tent city has sprung up housing the spillover of personal that could not be quartered in the Barracks and that could not or would not trek back to the city each night.


Yesterday the expedition was officially announced as having commenced, with plenty of officialdom and ceremony. Most importantly for the common folk, it had been an official holiday and the sanctioned street parties and merriment had spilled into the long hours of the night.  


That was yesterday, today the various elements would leave the city and head into the interior of Orealis. The main group would leave at noon, or more likely some point in the afternoon, with so many people to organize having anything run on time was no mean task.


You however have been assigned to one of the small branches of the expedition, one of several survey teams that would head out west and eastwards along the coast before turning in land to investigate other potential sites. In your case specifically East Survey Team Five, and the eastwards team where leaving an hour or so after dawn, leaving you not that much time to make your way through the multitude of personal all around you to where you need to report in.


You catch sight of ES III marked on the side of a Chimera, you must be heading in the right direction. A bit further long, near the outer edge of the yard, you finally catch sight of ES V on the side of a repurposed all purpose Goliath truck. An Achilles survey vehicle is parked nearby and has also been tagged as being part of East Survey Team Five. As you get closer you can see a servitor loading supplies into the Goliath.


You are now free to make introductory posts for your character, you are free to embellish the above circumstances further, or even start at an earlier time point as long as you end roughly at the right time and place. Maybe your character stated at the festivities to long, or is recalling the journey to get here.


Feel free to interact with the other player’s characters as they arrive, at this point none of you know each other. There is also a senior orderly organizing this section of the expedition if you want/need to ask him any questions.

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Kara is there early, wanting to make sure everything's set before they head out. She strides towards the vehicles, a braid of chestnut hair resting against one shoulder, and inactive electroos running down one side of her dark-skinned face. The clanner walks around both vehicles, inspecting them carefully. Goliath, Achilles. Rugged, reliable, and increasingly common among her people, terrain providing. Especially now that they had to scout out new terrain. Speaking of which...


She waves down a rather hassled looking individual with a data-slate who seems to be issuing various directives and waving along equipment.


"Kara Llamare, East Survey Team Five. Need to know what equipment we're being loaded up with, any general information about the terrain we're covering, and anything important that might get us killed. Oh, and how many of us are supposed to be here? Don't want to leave anyone behind."

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The official glanced at Kara with contempt, and a heavy degree of tiredness was readable in his features.


Grunting he motioned for her to wait while he worked his data slate.


“Team 5, here we are, 4 listed members, one allocated general purpose servitor and an observer from the Arch Magos. I have marked your presences, so don’t wander of now.”


Stifling a yawn he continued. “For the rest you can trouble your Team leader, they should have the manifest and briefing papers, now scarper. ”  

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The hulking mass of construct lumbered through the loading area, supplies carried in the mechanical claws. Clinking could be heard from the contents of one of the supply crates as the construct swayed back and forth with its heavy gait. After loading supplies it turned to retrieves another smaller crate, no marking could be seen on it, but the drone seemed to be taking extra care with it as it stashed it deep inside the Goliath transport.



+Squishy Meat bags+

+Must serve Meat Bags, survival is dependent on them+

+New Metal Meat Bags are a threat to my existence+

++Directive, follow orders of all Meat Bags… for now++

+++Must find supplies to continue repairs myself, or find a way to escape++++


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Approaching the expedition truck is a Guardswoman in uniform. She is quite encumbered, wearing full flak armour with flame resistant clothing underneath, a mask hangs below her neck from a strap in her helmet, and over both shoulders are fastened bottles with liquid swirling around inside as she walks. What’s really slowing her down though, is a large crate that she lumbers over to the goliath with, dumping it at the feet of the loading servitor who dutifully loads it with the other cargo.


Relieved to be free of her burden, the guardswoman looks around and spots a mechanicus-ey person, Kara, and wanders over, giving a casual salute.


“Corporal Pereen Mila reporting for ES V, just dropping off a last minute crate of rations before we get going. Are you in charge Maam?”

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Kara frowns as a second servitor joins the first in stowing supplies on board the vehicle. The orderly had said they'd only been given one, so presumably the first wasn't sticking around. A moment later, a woman in flak gear adds another crate to the stack, before approaching Kara.


Corporal Pereen Mila reporting for ES V, just dropping off a last minute crate of rations before we get going. Are you in charge Maam?


Kara gives a singular shake of her head.


"Nope. Still waiting on whatever git that is in charge to turn up with our briefing and manifest. Should be three more of us, including a representative of the Omnissians. Speaking of which..."


Kara twists towards the servitors.


"Servitors!" She waits a moment to see if they respond. "Please identify your designations, operating parameters and fealty directives." The salvager turns back to the military individual addressing her. "Kara Llamare, archaeo-prospector, S'Hel void clan."

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+Alpha class ultitly drone 9825.+ it paused to respond to the fleshy creature that called out for the servitors, +will continue with the pre-assigned task of loading supplies.+


Turning back to its task 9825 made sure its little box was secured before turning back to the supplies.


++++Internal thought process++++

+That Meat Bag has no authority over me+

++ Must follow Meat Bag orders++

+++Broke free of Meat Bag orders a long time ago+++

++++Must follow Meat Bag orders for survival++++

+++++I will follow orders for now+++++

++++End Internal Thought process++++

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The other servitor continued with its work, ignoring Kara. Once it had finished with the last box of supplies and everything was stored and secured in the Goliath rear compartment it stood there motionless.


A few minutes later the Official from earlier walked past again, this time trailed by several assistants, one holding a steaming stimcaf for the Official. Seeing the motionless servitor he sighed and he muttered something about useless servitors and sent another assistant running for a Tech-Adept from the barracks.  


“Looks like you are still two short.” Glancing at a time piece he sought out Kara. “You there, when your Team Leader arrives give them this, I haven’t got time to waste.”


One of the assistance held out a leather bound satchel as the Official walked off.


The assistant hastily added. “Briefing papers, the case is ID locked to your Team Leader, but we have had a few problems with so many people assigned and reassigned, if your leader can’t open them better get it sorted before your hit the road.”


Before any of you could reply he scurried after his master.

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Kara takes the satchel and roots around inside-carrying out the gene-locked case. Scrutinising it carefully, she starts talking in Pereen's direction.


"Shouldn't be too hard to crack if it comes down to it, but on the off hand we've ended up with some pompous arse who actually does show up, I'd rather not tick them off unnecessarily."


Kara shoves the case back into the satchel, but keeps hold of the bag.


"I'm going to go check out the Achilles, make sure it's running. We'd better test the comms systems as well. You any good at handling a vehicle like the Goliath?"


Kara frowns for a moment, and when her hand exits the bag it's holding a handful of small spherical devices, comm-beads. The void-clanner proffers to the guardswoman with a pair.


"Here, I guess I better make sure our servitor is fitted up with one of these too."

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Mila nods and takes the beads, shoving a hand in behind her helmet to put them in her ears.


“I’ve handled some big vehicles before, transports and such. Nothing quite as bulky as this, but I’m sure I’ll manage.”


She climbs inside the Goliath, propping her flamer up on the passenger seat as she begins to make herself familiar with the controls. She flicks on the vehicles communicator.


++”Check check, are you there? Is this connecting to your Micro miss... never really did catch your name?”++

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++"Kara, Kara Llamare. Can confirm you're coming over on our channels, both vehicular and personal. Please confirm you're receiving this?"++


Kara was leaning across the small cabin, checking the controls. They were worn, but not dilapidated. Kara peered out of the narrow viewports, flicking the lights on and off to check they were functioning. Then she keys the auspex, checking there's nothing that seems to anomalous with its readings.


++"Everything looks good over here, going to try and hook up the servitor to our communications as well."++



Once any additional discourse with Mila has been concluded, Kara clambers out of the vehicle and makes her way over to the servitor.


"Utility Drone 9825."


She pauses, trying to discern where the unit's audio input is. Just because a servitor has a visible organic ear doesn't mean it's being used. Finally she holds up the vox bead.


"Do you have a means of integrating interfacing with vox-systems. Failing that, can you identify you audio-input functions so I can attach these?"

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+processing+ it responds over an extral vox unit, before 9825 can be heard over the network stating, +channel found, reccomend basic encryption protocol.+


The hulking construct moved to climb into the Goliath, before folding into a storage position reminiscent of a cube.

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Mila finishes her checkups just in time to hear the Servitor embark the Goliath and settle down. She turns on the communicator once again. 

"Well, now we've got all the cargo, all we're missing is the mission leader, the other member and that cogboy plus-one right?"

She looks out of the Goliath viewports to try and see if she can spot anyone looking lost nearby, perhaps the missing ones were just outside?

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Kara is frowning at the 'general purpose' servitor as her comm-bead buzzes. At least the construct seems environment proofed.


"I thing we're meeting the Omnissian representative at the gate, but otherwise yeah, it's just our absentee members left to check in."


She turns, sweeps her head back across the staging area before making for the Achilles.

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Ariel walks towards the Goliath, a calm demeanour belying the frustration of lateness that she feels. A black temper settles down, as she taps her fingers against the sheath of her power blade. The morning had some difficulties which had to be settled in a less than peaceful way, but the flat of her blade had done enough work to get her through them untouched. 

Her pace increases as she sees the activity in the trucks, but not enough to convey anything other than formidable calm.


This plate doesn't fit as well as it used to, she thinks. 


Nearing the Goliath, she stops and sees a woman with braided hair making for the Achilles not far away. 

"Hello, young lady. You must be part of East Survey Team Five?" She says, trying to avoid to sound out of breath from her rapid walk. 


 I feel old, damn it. 

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"For good or ill, it seems I am. Glad you've got things started, I'm very sorry for being late. " she says, You know what happens when certain people have too much to drink," 


Ariel smiles now, and taps the sword's sheath. 


"May I know your name so I don't have to keep calling you young lady like I'm some stuffy dowager?" 

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Kara nods. She'd spent the last evening nursing a drink in an out of the way bar with the other S'Hel clanners assigned to the expedition, each trading the information as to which teams they'd been assigned to and speculating as to the merits of the whole excercise.. Her cousin had been there, as had an older veteran who had been with her brother when...


"Kara Llamare, and there's a Corporal Pereen Mila sitting in the Goliath."


At this Kara pauses, and reaches up to tap her earpiece.


"+Boss's here.+"


"Still waiting on one more of us to show up. I left the briefing papers and comm sets in the Achilles."

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++++Start Internal thought process+++

+Another meat bag.+

++New meat bag seems to have seniority.++

+++Must follow meat bags for survival.+++

++++Need to escape from meat bags.++++

+++++Highest probity of escape if new meat bag is busy while on sight.+++++

++++++Prim Directive: locate missing components for repairs. Locate primary construct in need of repairs.++++++

++++ End Internal Thought Process++++


Even in its storage configuration, 9825 paid close attention to the new human.


9825’s head unit twisted to look in the direction as the words came over the vox unit that the meat sacks acknowledged the arrival of the new one.

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Mila quickly stops gazing out the viewport and gets to the communicator.

+"Uh, roger that, I read you. Is the Boss on the channel yet? If so, I'm still reporting for duty. Looking forward to get to work."+

That last part was a lie, in Milas experience it is typically what a commanding officer is wanting to hear, even if they can tell it's insincere.

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+"Not yet, but I'll relay."+


Kara looks back at the newcomer.


"The Corporal says she's reporting for duty and is looking forwards to getting to work. I'll get your stuff."


Kara runs over to the Achilles and uses her arm to fish about inside the cabin before retrieving the satchel with the vox beads and briefing documents in it and turning to hand it back to the team leader.

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Ariel - Briefing Papers

In the satchel you will find three dataslates, some paper documents and several maps.


Amongst the paper documents is an inventory of what has been assigned to ES V, listing sufficient rations, tents and sleeping gear, extra fuel, basic survival gear, some spare parts. Also listed is some scanning machinery that is to be deployed at the sites of interest, along with instruction manuals.  You don’t have time to verify the inventory before departure, but the Official, if asked, will state that everything you should have has been loaded.


There are three maps, the first is a general ordinance survey map of the continent of Orialis, the second is a more detailed extract of the general area you are heading to, you have this map in duplicate. The third is about have of the previous map, with three sets of coordinate’s marked and potential approach routes to those sites. Orbital scans, the Arch-Magos’s research and historical archeological data has indicated that these sites may be of interest and are your starting points.


The three data slates contain respectively: A copy of the general briefing (which you attend several days previously) along with some more specific notes as to what is known about potential sites, known history from the early colonization era and other data deemed relevant by the Expedition organizers. The Second slate contains a guide to local fauna, flora, geography, regional climate data and locations of settlements, known infrastructure and a myriad of other information on the eastern half of Orialis.


The third slate is ID locked.


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Ariel - Briefing Papers

Third Slate


++Further ID indent required for full access++


The majority of the dataslate’s content is locked behind another ID indent requirement, and what little you can access from the menu appears to be behind a timelock. A small timer in the corner of the display is ticking down, doing the math you can see that it will expire in a little over two days.  


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