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The New Vilkan Foundings

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Hello! Ive been working on rebuilding my guard and have been developing a story to go along with them as me and my friends start campaigning. I hope this can be an area to work on and showcase the lore I've worked on for my section of the Imperium. This will be a developing area, where I'm going to add to the backstory of Vilka and the current happenings on their little globe. I hope to have regiment details, as well as short stories and such as I write them. I want to work on my skills as a writer, and hopefully get you all some entertainment along the way.

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The Sub-sector


Vilka lies in the segmentum obscurus, Cadian Sector, Desia subsector. The Vilkan system itself lies far from the sub-sector capital and only has stable routes to 3 other systems without having to reroute around the ever-moving storms. Most of the sub-sector's population lies on and around the capital of Desia Major. 

This area was recently beset by an orkish Waaaagh, and only after fierce resistance, and significant reinforcement by both the Blood Angels and Space Wolves was it turned back, culminating in the Rout of the Red Field. In this massive tank battle the Vilkan 2nd Armor and 3 regiments of Desian Armored PDF sallied out of the Hive-Capital to confront the sea of ork trukks and battlewagons. Their red paint gave visability for the tank crews to see them in the dusty haze, and the Orkish vehicles were driven back. A horde of infantry came behind them and soon ravaged the Vilkan Tanks who had pushed ahead. They were only able to survive at all as the strength of 4 companies of marines landed amongst the disorganized Orks. 

Now that the forces against the orks are returning to their regular duties, the pirates have returned. The Orkish ones have been deeply wounded, but chaos and more xenos pirates have taken their place. Drukhari and Tzeentch pirates pillage the few lanes around Vilka and Desia that are not guarded in sufficient numbers, while the splintered orks gather for another fight. 

Both of the Astartes chapters have dedicated a company to the eradication of the pirates, and the navy has supported them with an entire flotilla. Thousand Son Marines have been spotted leading some of the raiders, and the Wolves have thrown themselves into the task of chasing them down with abandon.


The System


The Vilkan system is typical of most star systems. A mid-aged yellow star with 5 terrestrial and 3 gas planets. Its only oddity is the large gas giant orbiting at the edge of the system, it seems to have been captured at some point in the past. This giant is 4 times the size of Jupiter in the Sol system and is the largest body orbiting the system. It has no habitable moons. 

There are 3 habitable planets and one habitable moon in the system. Vilka is the Main habitable body in the system, and the habitable moon has no major resources and is mostly a listening post and agri-world. One other habitable planet is on the inner edge of the habitable zone and smallest edge to hold a stable atmosphere. The Sisters of the White Chalice keep the planet for training their sisters in lowered gravity and atmospheric training. The only other major population center on the planet is a mechanicus mining station on the polar mountain range. Some scattered prospectors eek out an existence, but the thin atmosphere discourages major immigration. 

 The final planet is a feral world on the edge of the habitable zone of the system. Passage to this world is forbidden, as it is a recruiting world for the fleet-based chapter of the Havenguard marines. It has been over 60 years since their chapters fleet has been seen in system. All that is known is that their orbiting station has been receiving regular supplies for its caretaker crew.


The Planet


Vilka is a temperate planet, currently split between agricultural and industrial production. It has a sizable population that has boomed as it has stayed protected by the worst of the ravages of war. It lies in the Imperium proper between Cadia and Armageddon, though not on any major path to either. It is an important world in its subsector, but not much farther. Its main landmass are two continents riddled with mountains and hills running up and down the planet, nearly to the poles. To the east is a large fertile continent used for agriculture, and to the east are a series of hive like archipelagoes mining the ocean beds.


The Culture


Vilkans are largely a feudal and caste society. The VIceroy is appointed by the subsector governor, traditionally among the royal house, and manages dukes who form the majority of the nobles on the planet. There was a large dispute in the beginning between the houses, destroying nearly all of their knights, but large scale fighting has been limited. This mostly holds to this day, the exception being the Thanic that has had a dynastic dispute for nearly 300 years.


The oldest nobles from the settling control the farmlands of the eastern continent, while the upstart new (37th millennia) nobles control much of the production in the western volcanic islands. They make simple consumer goods as well as agricultural equipment. This self sustainability has led to some isolation, but the Imperium now calls.


Combat Doctrine


Vilka organizes its armies along old feudal levy traditions. Each duke is called to bring a certain number of men from his estates and lands, and this is bolstered by the recruitment offices in the free cities that pepper the world. This causes a huge variety of training and equipment levels between companies, and even platoons in some local cases. These levies are then divided into companies according to their equipment. This can cause some friction as local traditions clash, or younger houses promoted over old. This also allows for some specialization, such as nobles purchasing horses or even entire Valkyrie wings.


The majority of Vilkan troops are organized into rifle companies. These form the backbone of any regiment, and their nobles lead massed charges of bayonets and disciplined volleys of lasgun fire. The majority of their equipment is traditional explosives, preferring missile launchers, grenade launchers, and mortars to more esoteric heavy weapons. These massed men will advance under the support of specialized, but scorned, artillery detachments. These companies are usually filled with conscripts and punishment details, as it is considered dishonorable in the Vilkan culture.


Vilka also keeps large cavalry stocks. This seems to be more out of tradition, as they use the horses to move rapidly over terrain and then dismount when reaching the field. Very few are specialized lancers such as the traditional rough riders. These men easily adapt to the idea of mechanized combat and when given equipment will from mechanized unites over the traditional riders.


Not all are able to adapt so easily though. Though heavily industrialized in the west, the east is largely still a peasant society. They work the land with mass labor and horses. Even on the main continent it is largely rural. The specialized sentinels and armigers are shared between multiple farms, and one breaking down is a huge issue for a local area.


The Founding


Vilka has been spared most of the worst of the wars across the stars. They have supplied the wars, but stayed out of direct fighting. With the war never ending though, Vilka has been again called to raise regiments for the Guard. Both the lords on the east and west will raise an infantry regiment from among their bannermen. The east will also raise a cavalry regiment, fighting more as dragoons than rough riders. Then they are partnering with the mechanicus to bring in basilisk and manticore platforms from off world as well as Griffins made on world to raise an Artillery regiment. If successful, then more STC templates will be released to the forges of the world.


The Regiments


The Noble Vilkan 9th infantry Regiment-Duke Murphy Hale has spent lavishly to outfit his men, with half of them basic infantry and the rest specialized companies. He has even folded the survivors of a vilkan armored regiment into his companies after securing more leman russ. 

The Glorious Vilkan 10th Infantry Regiment- Palatinate Geoffrey Hoffing has raised a massive regiment from the factory workers in the east. With nearly 30 companies it has strained his wealth to equip them all to guard standards. 

The Proud Vilkan 4th artillery Regiment-Duke Harold Gerbins partnered with the mechanicum, they are primarily in basilisks and manticore’s. They have some local made griffins and sentinels to add as well. 

The Vilkan 3rd Mounted Infantry regiment- Duchess Mary Turen. Grandniece of the Viceroy, Mary has ridden with Vilkan Cavalry since she could talkShe now will lead them, as well as a large contingent of sentinels, over any terrain the emperor needs.


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