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Magos Guilderius's Cohort // Dendrov Prime

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Added first draft of mixed list in the OP. Any CC is more than welcome :smile.:


The idea behind it is to associate Lucius durability and capability of taking/holding objectives, while having heavy firing support from Mars units. Of course it's a wip so will change in the futur, and after I've been able to do several games^^

Edited by Magos Guilderius Davvarel
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Latest arrival in the cohort, and last I'll be able to present for the next 2 months I think, the Skitarii Marshall !


IMG 20210723 184622 compress5

IMG 20210723 184741 compress49

IMG 20210723 184645 compress83

IMG 20210723 184709 compress31


First try painting sub-assembled model, got to say it was refreshing :) Still got to work on the gradients, hope to improve in this after summer :P

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Edited OP. Decided to change my mind on the forge-world name/attributes, as I've started dwelling into Iron Snakes chapter recently. Love their lore, non codex-astartes compliance and greek mythology influence overall, decided to create my FW to reflect some kind of unity inside Reef Stars sub-sector. Plus, I love greek mythology so that perfectly matches my tastes too :D


So, added a bit of lore for Akmon (from old Greek, meaning "anvil"), and some pictures :)

Will add more lore asap :)


Btw, anyone know how to, if possible, edit the topic title ? Didn't manage to see how to do that :-/

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A little update, for an ongoing project :) Haven't had many time to hobby lately, will have more after january (I hope !).


Still, here's my kitbashing for the "new" Guilderius Davvarel tech-priest^^ Still have some greenstuffing to do, but quite satisfied with how it went :D


IMG 20211009 141532

IMG 20211009 141552

IMG 20211009 141542

IMG 20211009 141605


Will likely add some clothing to the mini, and then finish with 2 servo-skulls + a lot of mecadendrites/cables going in and out of the robes. Wanted to give him a twisted kinda serpentine look, feels pretty happy with it :)


There are bitz from a lot of things, from Adepta Sororitas vehicule to Necromunda weapons and clans bitz^^ Also, the upper part of the body is from Belisarius Cawl :D

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Hello fellow Magi ! Just a little update, to show you my new setup and my finished custom Techpriest :D Pretty happy with how it went, but I'd be glad to have advices on how to improve my green-stuffing ;)


IMG 20220217 071553

IMG 20220215 202651

IMG 20220215 202701

IMG 20220215 202713

IMG 20220215 202727

IMG 20220215 202759


Thank you !

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Aha thanks ! My work space improved a lot, we moved from an apartment to a house where I now have my own room to work and paint :)


It was my first attempt at greenstuffing, not fully satisfied with the upper hood, and the lower cloak is not as big as I'd wanted, but still happy with it :) I got inspired from the 9th ed AdMech codex front cover picture, and wanted to create a TP looking as monstruous and immoderate in its respect of the Omnissiah's ways :)

Particularly, happy with the praying arms ^^

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Little update, with the new Magos Guilderius Davvrel being finished :D


First try with TAP Speedpaints, they're quite good tbh !


IMG 20220306 174135r

IMG 20220306 174208

IMG 20220306 174234


Now to batch-paint 25 vangards and 15 rangers ! Onward !


Cheers !

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Hello fellow Magi !


Back from the tempests of the Warp to deliver a batch of pictures, from everything I painted since i came back to the hobby. My custom FW is taking form, and the lore getting thicker as I delve into it :) There are a few thins missing here, as 10 Pteraxiis and a Dunerider I painted last week for my second game (1.5kish points) :)

Hope you'll like them :)


Pray The Omnissiah !

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By the Omnissiah you've been busy! That's an impressive number of Skitarii added to the fold. I love that huge Tech Priest (Manipulus?) conversion. The large hump looks like a giant brain to me. Is that what you were intending? I also like the pair of Marshals. Are you painting different bases and spot colours to make it easier to observe different detachments or is the another reason?

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6 hours ago, Magos Takatus said:

By the Omnissiah you've been busy! That's an impressive number of Skitarii added to the fold. I love that huge Tech Priest (Manipulus?) conversion. The large hump looks like a giant brain to me. Is that what you were intending? I also like the pair of Marshals. Are you painting different bases and spot colours to make it easier to observe different detachments or is the another reason?

Thank you Magos. The TP is indeed a Manipulus, my alter-ego on Akmon :) I wanted him to look as monstruous and bizarre as possible, and give him some kind of a hunchback-look :) Thus, it's more that he's bending forward than a gigantic brain.


The ocre bases are previous ones, I plan on redoing them as best as possible to match the new ones with lava effects. I am curently trying new formulas, with fluor splash gel from GSW too.


I'm currently prepping 20 ElectroPriests (10 Fulgis/10 Corpis) + 5 Infiltrators + 3 Ballistaris. Should be able to start painting them starting next week.


I have no idea when my next game will be, but I'm eager to see who I'll be facing this time ! My first game was against Orks pre-Nephilim (I was playing a Skitarii Veteran Cohort Mars list), we ended up on a tie (I scored like a madman on T1 to T3, last 2 turns were harder when these filthy xenos managed to get to melee !).

Second game was against post-Nephilim Necrons ! It didn't end well, I conceded at end of turn 4, had nothing left to score, and my opponent was already sitting on a very comfy stock of VPs. The secondaries for AdMech are awful I must say, while Necron's are awesome (or aweful, depending on what side of the table you are !). They are able to score every turn without breaking a sweat, while we have to plan to score after a full round... Felt pretty rough, I tell you !

Still, I'm learning a lot and very happy to start playing on a regular basis : one or 2 times a month seems to be our cruising speed, quite enough to learn and test new things :) I must versus guys who play for several decades for some of them, so I have a lot to learn from them, that's a very satisfying experience !

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