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Toxin Crafters

Thaelion Hexis

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Has anyone tried the toxin crafters custom trait yet?


At a glance I imagine it is overshadowed by the named kabals and torturous efficiency/merciless razorkin, however I am a fluff player at heart.


If anyone has any practical experience using it, not just pure number theory, how did that go?


Essentially, fluff is my main focus when army building but I do want it to stand a chance also. I have not used Drukhari since they were called Dark Eldar so a little out of touch.

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I've definitely considered Toxin crafters; I like going all in on themes, so if I was going to do it, I'd hit it hard.


My Archon would be a Master to unlock Trueborn so than the Lhamaeans in his court have a unit to buff, and I'd equip him with Parasite's Kiss. Every unit would max out Splinters, and every Raider would have Splinter racks. Potent Metallotoxins would be one of our choice strats.


And I'm a Crusade player, so we would have an Ascendent in addition to a Master for the sake of collecting Toxin Distillery territories, and we would harvest the full suite of Poison Weapon upgrades. 

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