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Inexpensive Wet Palette

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Go to your local .99Cents/Dollar Store/equivalent, and buy:


*  One package (5) 3"x5" sponges with small pore foam like those below.

*  One pack of (4) Deli Containers (8 oz./236 ml; *shallow depth*).

*  One roll of Parchment Paper.




1. Trim corners of a sponge so that is lays flat in Deli Container, with yellow small pore foam facing upward.

2. Cut parchment paper sheets to fit top yellow foam of sponge.

3. Saturate foam with water, and place parchment sheet on top.

4. Parchment sheet will initially curl up as it absorbs water, and will then uncurl as it becomes saturated. Smooth sheet to remove air bubbles.

5. Get to painting!


Now you have FOUR re-seal-able wet palettes perfect for travel/storing, and for only about $3.20 US! Buy MORE models/paint with the money you save, because...um....you NEED them!!!:yes:


* Note: The Deli Container is just the right size to fit in the smaller front pocket of a backpack, and fits perfectly in a hard case I use for a traveling paint kit. This hard case is tall enough to hold Vallejo style dropper bottle paints and any GW paints, and may be found here: https://www.harborfreight.com/tool-storage-organization/parts-storage/abs-storage-organizer-95807.html

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