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+ Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten +


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It is the thirty-fourth Millennium. Or perhaps the thirty-third. Few now stand securely enough both to claim differently – and to be heard.
All is unsure, all is uncertain. Under the benevolent eye of the Senatorum Imperialis – the High Lords of Terra – the Imperium basks in a golden age. The heretics of millennia past are extinguished or contained; the xenos empires that threatened mankind's manifest destiny broken or scattered. Humanity is united in the worship of the enthroned God-Emperor, whose words are revealed to the Ecclesiarch of the Imperial Church.

This is one truth.
Others say that the Emperor is dead, or as good-as; that His dream has grown rotten beneath the surface. Others claim oppression, or restriction, or loss. Tales of predation by aliens; of harrowings by pirates and heretics and monsters, emerge daily, and are suppressed by His Inquisition, for fear of disturbing the flock.
In the galactic north-west (if such an antiquated system has meaning in a galaxy as vast and wondrous as this) tales emerge of another truth. Tales come of the return of a legend, so ancient that the High Lords believe the word all-but forgotten. 






+[identquery: unresoved – all records REDACTED]+








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Background to the project

Having enjoyed being involved in local collaborative campaigns – that is, where a group of you write a background and build armies around it – so much, I wanted to set up a project that people all over the world could get involved with. The 40k galaxy is filled with intriguing little background nuggets that are ripe to harvest. I've always enjoyed the grey-on-grey conflicts of the Imperium, and wanted to explore the concept of truth and lies in the setting. For that reason, the War of the False Primarch was a great hook.


Little more than a paragraph in an Imperial Armour book, the concept seemed perfect. Was there really a returned Primarch, or an imposter? How did five Chapters destroy eleven? How did the rest of the Imperium react? Why do we know so little about it?


That's the core of the appeal. I hope you'll join us is exploring the questions. As far as I'm concerned, there aren't any right answers – but plenty to explore in the shadows...



'Goodies' and 'baddies'

So, if you want to do something, where to start? The following posts will showcase some of the material already produced by contributors, which I hope offers some inspiration. I encourage you to post your own miniatures, artwork and writing here, too.  f you're not happy for me to use it (credited, of course) on the website, please mark that clearly in your post.


The project is broadly broken into two sides; though each regard themselves as the true inheritors to the Imperium. The first are the followers of the False Primarch – to them, the returned Primarch, of course – who are collectively known as the Partisans. The primary forces of the Partisans are the eleven Partisan Chapters, but the group also include Guard, Ecclesiarchy, Mechanicus, Inquisitors... pretty much anything you would expect.



+ The Partisan Chapters +



Opposing them are the Orthodox Imperium – simply 'the Imperium' to themselves. Commanded by the Twelve High Lords of Terra, their key forces are the Pentarchy of Blood, five Chapters of Marines; and the Extinction Armada. As with the Partisans, every element of the Imperium is present within the faction.



+ The Pentarchy of Blood +


At the root of the project is a desire to show that war is not always a case of goodies and baddies. I hope that both sides present an (equally horrible!) vision of the grim darkness of the far future, and that there's some genuine conflict in which you choose to support. If you want to do some marines (or other models) from both sides, that's also cool.


Of course, with that said, there's still space for glimmers of light, hope and nobility – all the more tragic when they inevitably get snuffed out by the uncaring nature of 40k! I'll be posting up more individual info on particular Chapters and factions over the next few weeks, starting with ...




+ Partisan Chapter: Inheritors +

created by Lars_j_d (@lars.j.dahl)



Lars_j_d (@lars.j.dahl)


"For three millennia the Imperium of Man has fallen deeper into twilight. The Emperor's vision destroyed by the horror of the heresy, our golden age stolen. Even as one of His lost progeny re-emerges as a beacon of hope; stirring in the masses of humanity a dream of a better future, the oppressive fist of a corrupted Terra advances upon us. 
The tyrannical regime of the High Lords and the Adeptus Administratum loathes any sentiments of hope and light, seeking to snuff it out, thus perpetuating their status quo. Our own kindred they send to annihilate us, our forerunners and my former brothers, the Death Eagles. This is a monstrous betrayal. And yet we stand; for we believe in a new dawn for the Imperium, we believe in the ascension of humanity, we believe in the light of the dawn star.
We will defy the twilight. A new sun will rise. 
For the Emperor, beloved by all! For Volnoscere! And for humanity!"
 [//Jarnail Ancient Solarion+]
A vigorous, idealistic and highly active Chapter, the Inheritors were ever-striving to regain ground lost during the War of the Beast, an ideal which frequently saw them fighting in and around the Pieride Waste.  A lawless zone in the centre of Sector Morqub, the Waste was infested with orks, saharduin and other pirates; against whose strongholds the Inheritors frequently railed. 
The observed strategic tendencies of the Inheritors – a standard analysis made by the Ordo Astartes, and later used to supply intelligence to the Pentarchy in order better to combat the Partisans – were of a Chapter inclined towards liberation and defensive operations, rapid insertion strikes, combined arms warfare, and utilizing command and control of lesser troops. 
[//You can read more about the Inheritors here on Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten.+]
Painting the Inheritors 
These suspiciously handsome, white-haired and violet-eyed Space Marines are the creation of Lars J-D (Instagram handle: @lars.j.dahl). They have lovely Slavic/Sikh inspiration to their background, are classic Paladin-style goodies, and the scheme is both striking and simple. What's not to like? 



For my own interpretation of the Chapter, I used Vallejo Cold White (GW: White Scar) for the pauldrons, helm and boltgun casing, building up from Halford's Grey spray primer. These areas also received stripes in Vallejo Flat Red (GW Mephiston Red). If you don't feel confident with painting clean stripes, then rest assured that: 
  • The helm colourings vary a great deal; with a reversed scheme – white faceplate on green helm – a common variant.
  • Likewise the red stripe is frequently split in two, decorated or missing altogether, according to the whims of the squad sergeant. Some encourage individuality amongst their troops; others demand a uniform approach.
I'd suggest painting the whole of the helmet crest red if you want to include it in some way: painting to edges is easier than freehanding.
The bulk of the armour is sea green. I used Vallejo 'Highlight USMC Tank Crew 70323', from their Panzer Aces historical range. (The nearest GW equivalent is probably Gauss Balster green, or perhaps Sons of Horus green mixed with white.) The green base was shaded with the addition of Thraka Green, an old GW Wash; though I'd suggest using GW's new Coelia Greenshade, as that's a cooler blue green –  I simply didn't have any to hand. I added highlights with the simple addition of Vallejo Cold White to the tank crew paint.
I used a nice dark metal base – GW Iron Warriors mixed with Abaddon Black – for maximum contrast with this high key scheme, and washed this with Seraphim Sepia and Druchii Violet Shades wet in wet. The gold areas were based with GW Rhinox Hide, then painted with Balthasar Gold, highlighted with Retributor Armour.
Tactical markings are dark grey – I just added a touch of white paint to black for mine. The Chapter Badge is identical to the Astral Claws, so if you don't fancy freehanding it, you can use transfers – and keep an eye out for these, as a little cyber-caryatid suggests that transfers for all the Partisans and Pentarchy Chapters might be available at some point...
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Always pleased to see another Apologist project, as in both writing and modeling/painting, I adore the tone of your particular brand of creativity. 


More personally, as someone who has head canon'd their own version of the Death Eagles (mostly as an excuse to keep using my 30k loyalist Emperor's Children in 40k, to be honest) I have a soft spot for "suspiciously handsome" marines letting their idealism and commitment to the Imperial Truth get the better of them. 

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[...]I felt it unlikely their old RT paint scheme would be compatible, or their slightly more recent black-and-white styling for that matter - and would instead be a "duplicate" chapter much like you've done here, and in line with what was done with the Minotaur re-creation FW has built over the years. 


For the War of the False Primarch, I could see this being a legitimizing effort by my own head-canon, whereby crushing this most recent upstart Primarch, false or not, could cement their place in the eyes of those suspicious corners of the Imperium who might otherwise wish to peel back the curtain on some very curiously purple and aquiline astartes. [...]

I had always intended on trying to build a proper Index Astartes article of my own as a thought experiment in fully fleshing out my ideas and trying to ground it in a way which wasn't needlessly "Mary Sue," but never got around to it. 

Unfortunately, it's a touch incompatible with your vision here - and I suspect the very classically styled IIIrd legion marines that make up my force wouldn't properly do credit to the much more fulsome creativity on display here.  


Obviously up to you, but incompatibility is a feature, not a bug, as far as I'm concerned. The atmosphere of the project is intended to make people question the veracity of everything; the theme that 'everything you have been told is a lie' is key. To that end, I'd love to see your take on the Death Eagles incorporated, if you'd like to. After all, this may all be black propaganda...


Furthermore, I think muddying the waters further on the Death Eagles would be very fitting. The origins and nature of the Chapter are already confusing, contorted and contradictory – but to make that the core aspect? That's the basis of a strong theme for a Chapter, I think.


I need a break down on the Star Warden, now.


Part of the 'Steel of Heliopolis', the Star Wardens are the creation of Dan (@dark_isles). They're a very charismatic Chapter – in their theme, rather than in terms of their individual personalities! They're metallic silver with a brass/gold left arm; initially hopelessly devoted to the 'Primarch'...

I'm hoping to get the Index drafted sometime soon. If you fancy painting one (or more!) up to help illustrate it, let me know and I'll get a painting guide for you.



This is soooooo freakin cool!

Thanks very much – it's been a privilege to have so many people contribute, and if I can weave things together in an interesting way to give some innocent reading pleasure for other hobbyists, that's a win!




+ Pentarchy Chapter: Flesh Eaters +

championed by paul_h (@the_midnightmare) – very present here on B&C; go check out his WIP thread!



'Every lie you tell, we shall bring truth. Every seed you sow, we shall unearth. Everything you build... we shall tear down.'
[//Brother Jael, standing atop a ruined statue of the Abomination Unto Him+]
As with the other members of the Pentarchy, this is a GW canon Chapter. The Flesh Eaters are a Chapter with a long real-world history, dating back to Rogue Trader itself. They've rather been eclipsed by the Blood Angels and Flesh Tearers (don't confuse the two :)) in support, but I've long had a soft spot for the scheme and name.
Lacking time to build and paint any myself, I was hugely fortunate to find The Midnightmare and his existing awesome Flesh Eater army. He's been an absolute sport in letting me use his pictures for this little sandpit; and – better still – has been a Trojan in the efforts and energy he's poured into the force, creating an entirely new Chapter Master for the project, Jan Velghor, painting up some Silver Stars to do awesome battle scenes, and generally doing wonderful (and imminently upcoming) stuff with secrets and lies...
Go check out his B&C thread here, and if you want to know more about the origins of the Flesh Eaters as they get some long overdue attention on + Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten +, you can read about them in today's article.
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+ Warzone Vana-Tallin +


[//identgrade: Agriworld – nom. Tallinn, Vana. tithegrade=Exactis Median+]


Part of the Red Fish's protectorate, the Delphurnean League, the agriworld of Vana Tallinn quietly paid its Tithe, raised occasional unremarkable Imperial Guard regiments alongside its military commitments to the League, and for many decades had been a sleepy backwater. Prior to the War of the False Primarch, it was a broadly prosperous locale that was little more than an historical footnote in the Annals of the Marines Orcinus


Within striking distance of a little-used warp corridor to Sector Heliopolis, it became a secondary objective for the Pentarchy Forces – a staging post for further territorial gains within Sector Morqub. Offering the twin advantages of victualling friendly forces and denying them to the foe, Chapter Master Gorn of the Charnel Guard regarded its capture as important in order to put supply pressure on the primary-grade target of nearby Urdesh, itself under blockade by Master Enoch's Extinction Armada.







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Question: how much lore do you want for the Knight Houses? Also do you want colours, symbols and/or suggestions on convertions?

I myself will not be able to ad any models so I want to know how free reins I should give people who might do some model work or draw pictures


The 'gold standard', so to speak, is to produce an article that's pretty much ready to run – typically around 2,000–5,000 words (though this is very flexible) – and with two or three images to describe the faction, force, character, warzone or event in question. If you're unable to supply images, personally that's not necessarily a problem – but it does mean hunting down someone who's looking for inspiration.


That's where this blog (and Instagram, and the Facebook group etc.) hopefully come in! I hope that readers will see the seeds you've sown and discuss here, then produce some models or artwork. Feel free to poke people you know; or who you think might be interested. There's no entry qualifications beyond enthusiasm :smile.:


The stuff you've written up is all looking great; if you want to develop it into a longform article, please feel free. Once it's drafted, do feel free to email it over, and I can do my own work to 'boost the signal' and get some appropriate pictures.


The more the merrier mate! If I’ve learned anything working on this project, Apologist will find a way to work it into the narrative


Just so!


Great idea, sir.  Been following your work since your Praetors of Calth on Warseer.  You always come up with really creative ideas and threads...another one well done!


Very kind, good to see you here soon – and keep an eye out on the blog for some developments on Lucan, deep in the Corewards reaches of Sector Heliopolis. It may sound hauntingly familiar to some...


I like the Knight House ideas, especially the mystic vibe on the Indra and the Grigoria, who seem perfect for blanchitzu style blend of foaming flagellants, Venetian Carneval and Black Templars with Mecha!


“ Avarice” invokes pictures of a pretty bleak place, craggy mountains, rad saturated winds in me…


I am toying with the idea of a bit of a cyborg barbarian house theme, holding a few a few strongholds on the Edges. Conan style animal pelts, Omnissiah druids. The Emperor / Omnissiah as uncaring Crom on his Golden Throne…


I always liked the idea of a House that combines the European knight aesthetics with a sort of “voodoo” take on the Mechanicus and the Machine Spirits. Mythic knights who mount their Mecha to channel the load of their ancestors and the Machine god to battle.


For some reason I see these as traditional allies to the Red Fish (maybe it is the association with Caribbean cooking…) as staunch if somewhat wierd defenders of the people. Which fractures the household as things get out of hand….


Neo Jove brings up -unsurprisingly- Gas giants, warm, earthly colours and huge floating forge temples. Mediterranean/ Near Eastern themes with flowing robes, then add to that the weirdness of the Cult Mechanicus. Maybe a skitarri take on the Persians from “300”.

Less ideas for knight houses here as I think more of an AirPower / airborne with super heavy aircraft here…


Forge Heliopolis is obviously “the city of light”.

Lots of solar mirrors, laser sculptures and devotional holograms. Blanchitzu style mix of Mechanicus with Ancient Greek / Constantinoplan vibes crossed with a cyberpunk neon sprawl feeling.


Not sure that I can model that (in time) but I think it gives me something to start a doodle from


Absolutely – loads of lovely ideas there. On the Red Fish, their Index Astartes is cued for imminent publication; and that includes a passing reference to the 'Knight Worlds of Keterang', part of the Delphurnean League. Perhaps a route in for your voodoo/Conan Knights?


Amazing stuff! Truly inspired, love the look of what you have put together so far. Love those Inheritor models too!

Very kind – and if you fancy a go yourself, please post it up here :smile.:




+ First Amongst the Followers: Volnoscere's Quadrargenta +



The arid plains of Jiam-Tertiary are touched only by black dust and sorrow. The scouring hard-radiation of the scarred surface makes the presence of unaugmented humanity all but impossible. Even the deep-sunk bunker complexes of its final war do not fully screen visitors from its effects.
The truth of events of what happened on the surface of Jiam Tertiary is – as with so much of the war – fragmentary and contradictory. What scanty details can be gathered indicate that the four were met by a figure calling himself the Vox Volnoscere. Of Astartes build, but unarmoured, the figure seemingly spoke on behalf of the 'Primarch', who declined to speak himself when receiving the Masters. Why this should be is similarly undocumented. In the years that have followed, various theories were floated amongst the Inquisition; from the simple claim that the Abomination calling itself 'Primarch' was little more than a monstrous shell, and incapable of speech; to the whispered belief that Volnoscere's own voice simply told the listener what he or she needed to hear, akin to a silver-tongued agent of the warp; or – perhaps through psychic domination – forced the listener to acquiesce to him. As with all reports on the 'False Primarch', lies and mistakes are piled on one another; one man's daemon being another's Emperor-given gift. If the truth is recorded, it is all but impossible to separate from the dross of misunderstanding...




Read of the first four Chapters to join the False Primarch – the so-called Quadrargenta – on the blog here.

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Ordo Propter is an Ordo Minoris that is concerned with the physical bounds of the Imperium – they investigate and oversee everything from cartography and shipping lanes to assessing the territory gained or lost in wars and exploration. 


My (M42) Inquisitor Barbari Kills is from this Ordo:


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Ordo Propter is an Ordo Minoris that is concerned with the physical bounds of the Imperium – they investigate and oversee everything from cartography and shipping lanes to assessing the territory gained or lost in wars and exploration. 


My (M42) Inquisitor Barbari Kills is from this Ordo:


Cool. I have a thread where I collect fanmade Ordos, and fanlore regarding canon ones -  Fanmade =][= Ordo Minoris  - do you you want me to link to this post or do you have any other write up about them you think would be better?


What about Ordo Lacunae?


Also, what Chapter is that?

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+ Index Apocrypha: Spacewolves +





There are no wolves on Fenris.




Very nice, are these going to be of the Red Wolves chapter, or are they an offshoot of the Space Wolves.


It is well documented that sometimes great companies may split off from the Chapter for various reasons, provided they keep their oath to Russ


Also I cant access the blogs linked fro the work PC :sad.:



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  • 2 weeks later...

Not sure where to share, but here are a pair that are serving as aid from the Black Consuls in support of the Vigilants.


Brother Gjon Sepp – Black Consuls, 2nd Company, Assault Squad, Vigilant

D7EA35DD 6EBB 46B2 A884 F77033D543ED

Brother Aldric Dinu – Black Consuls, 2nd Company, Tactical Squad, Vigilant

540873E3 97D8 4C01 AAB8 FAEE1CD6E7E8


I am also currently in the process of true scaling another.  I want to do a whole squad after my personal success of completing these two!

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These are very nice, Armond!

And Gamiel will propably put out a stand alone expansion for AT on the battles of the Knight Houses involved in the War!


I hope to put finishing touches on an Inquisitor soon ( Damn those hazard stripes! ) and I do have an unfinished Knight in the red/ black of an engine Osthessens to the Mechanicus.


I love the RT / Last stop before the unknown feeling of FW Kadath.

Remodeling the Knight for House Duval would be quite the time sink … but I like the bits on Kadath and put some Badges of Allegiances on my Knight if you are looking to Have actual pics within .. the decade or so


Kadath’s colours are deep red and …teal? Any idea on an emblem / sigil? 
Failing that, what are the colours and a actual heradlery of the Wormwood Sons, since they seem to be allied? 
(I tried to bugger KOrdhal, but his PM box seems to be full )


Failing that, Kadath seems to be the kind of place that the Ix’Chaal exploratory shoals would be drawn to - I could oathmark the Knight  to these and put some fluff about how they / it get caught in the crossfire…

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Hero of Thada


Ervinad Cerob was one of many Imperial Commanders who made their careers in the midst of the War of the False Primarch. At the conflicts inception he was one of the legion of souls who heeded the call of the High Lords and Inquisitor Enoch to join the Extinction Armada. Through competent command in the initial stages of the war he was granted command of the Verendian Third Regiment. But it was during the defense of the icy world Thada Prime that he would make his name. Leading a desperate counter offensive against the Partisan Astartes, he and the Verendian Third bought time for the the Orthodoxy to engage in a Void War above the world and securing it for the Imperial forces.


For this he was named Hero of Thada and awarded the Laurels of Victory pictured here.




++I stand before you bearing the scars from every weapon you can imagine, las, bolter, swords, clubs.
All for the sake of your lives and glory! Yet here I stand leading you, conqueror of land and sea, world and void.
Many of you bear the golden aquila, badges of courage and honour granted to you by Him.
Any of us who met Glory stands with Him now, basking in his light.
And golden statues of you shall stand on a dozen worlds.
And so stand with me now, as the enemy comes! For the Emperor!++

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Don't judge too harshly.  I don't write too often, but I do enjoy a little flavor to go with what I am working on.




This had been the third venture into the danger-wrought depths of the hive city, and amused was certainly trailing at the bottom of the list of descriptions one could label Inquisitor Melnyk. 


Word had reached one of the Inquisitor’s well-placed informants through his apprentice, Celerus, that Partisan activity had been attributed to a recent uptick in support for the False Primarch within the hive from their residents.  No spotting of the supposed deity-like being or his astartes had been made, but such rumors had to be investigated and disputed, and the previous two attempts made alongside local authorities had been unsuccessful.  This time would be different.


Soon the retinue of trusted acolytes and agents of the throne came near to the end of corridors and gantries they recognized, and a halt was called by Melnyk.  “Conduct equipment checks, all members indicate ready status.” 


The Inquisitor himself checked the life signs of his squad, ensuring they were all synced with his retinal display.  His custom power armor was operating at peak, his status as an inquisitor ensuring availability of the best protection the Imperium could offer and putting on display his occupation by means of the ‘I’ of the Inquisition adorning his armor.  The skull-topped stave in hand served a dual purpose; a rallying tool and when activated, a powerful mace thanks to the integrated power field hidden beneath the adamantium layers of the skull.  Occupying his right hand was an archaic pistol, a remnant of bygone days, capable of reducing a man’s flesh to ash and sundering armor.


Inquisitor Melnyk


Celerus acquiesced, running long digits across the breadth of his daggers as he moved them to caress the barrel and stock of his custom modified rifle.  Upon stowage, he released the catch for his large caliber pistol and eyed the round count, taking in the indication of full. 




He had been given the moniker “The Asp” nearly a decade ago by Inquisitor Melnyk.  This had as much to do with his lithe build, speed and lethality of his actions as it did the calculating and clever machinations of his mind.  The employment of a myriad of poisons and chemicals to paralyze, befuddle, and in some cases execute a target only saw the name stick.  He preferred hand to hand combat; sinewy arms and legs provided him with great reach and a strength underestimated by most of his marks.  Celerus had proven to be a viable candidate for ascendancy to Inquisitor, a few years more and there was no doubt he would be called upon to shoulder the responsibility.


Slaine conducted functions check on his grenade launcher and adjusted the grip on his assault shield.  Brouwer did the same with his assault ram, ensuring the breaching mechanism was properly pressurized and the launcher was hot.  Finally, Toth thumbed the activation stud on his shock baton, the glow bouncing off his layered, carapace-like flak armor and rolled his shoulders in preparation. 


The three acolytes of his aggressor cadre had been integrated into his team during one of his ventures in another part of the galaxy, poached from a hive’s highly trained and specialized law enforcement unit.  All of them were gene-wrought humans, chemically enhanced to amplify their strength, size, and speed.  Nearing two meters in height, in their armor, they appeared to be triplets.  Their raw size, attributed to growth stims and genetic manipulation amplified their presence and securely placed intimidation in the retinue’s court.  Coupled with their close quarters and crowd dispersal training, this made them extremely effective.


Their shoulders bore the weight of the pelt of a native species of predator; an amalgamation of bear and cat that preyed on humans moving alone or in small groups.  Their order required the slaying and proof of such of a beast before their induction.  Few opted to submit for consideration into the elite, and even among those, few return successful.  This made for an extremely select and small fraternity.  One can only imagine the rage their commander felt as the three of them were acquired by the Inquisition.


An Inquisitor has all the means to build his or her own retinue, and every situation required a different approach.  Negotiations were not the goal; results, immediate and violent, were in order.


Melnyk had left Frothe, his facilitator, a title he bestowed upon his retinue’s chirurgeon doubling as an assistant during interrogations, back at their safe house.  Basic combat aid was practiced by all and he wasn’t willing to risk such a highly trained member in the chaos of a possible firefight.  The band’s sanctioned psyker, Lyridos and their contribution from the Mechanicus, Adept Zeta-471 were also in standby, keeping their means of escape on warm-ready should the situation turn absolutely sour.  Left in their company as protection detail were a handful of other acolytes, armed with bolters.


Mere moments passed and his internal vox chimed readiness, the five squads of Planetary Defense Forces backing him were in readiness. 


Previous attempts to delve further than their current position was met with resistance from hive inhabitants in the form of polite, but stubborn insistence of the absence of trouble.  The first interaction was civil, but all following attempts to proceed further began to see patience wearing thin on the faces of the locals.  Eventually, the attempt was rebuffed with force, and ‘withdrawal’ was called as two of the number had been felled by stubber and las fire.


The Inquisitor selected a secure channel, and activated his mic “Lieutenant, if you would be so kind as to send forward a squad of choice, we can proceed.”  The officer keyed his mic twice in affirmation, and a squad pushed forward to secure the lift to the lower levels.


Ten Terran seconds passed, and the ‘all clear’ was called in.  “Let us advance then.”


The steady descent to the lower levels went quietly, but there was no doubt a reception down below would be waiting for them.  As the elevator slowed to a halt, and the mechanisms secured, the doors’ hydraulics hissed and they opened.


The expectation was an angry mob, or perhaps immediate fire, not disquieting absence.  There was not a single noise save for the breathing of his men in their respirators and then thumping of his heart in his head.  The slate-grey floor immediate was clear, save for the occasional pile of debris typical of underhive territories.  All around were gantries, usually teeming with activity, completely empty.  The monitors that flashed planet-wide alarms or announcements were still operating, but no one was around to see the messages.  The majority of hab-lights were off, with a few flashings intermittently, tossing shadows and generating patterns on walls.  In moments of illumination, one could make out the pattern of silver stars, made up of four points, daubed on various walls and above hallway entrances.


“Custodia, initiate.” Melnyk voxed to all task force channels.  The various squads of Guard moved quickly to defensive positions; three securing entrances at their level and a single squad moving to secure elevation superiority via spiral staircases to the scaffolding.  Behind him the lift doors closed and the platform began its ascent.


“Set.”  The only word from the Lieutenant once his entire platoon was in place as he approached the Inquisitor with his command squad.  He did not react to the approach, instead listening and taking in the backdrop.  A place typically busy with human and ab-human activity was absolutely still.  Doors to shops and stalls were closed, windows shuttered at every building.


Feedback suddenly screeched across the public distress systems, and a voice, not devoid of civility and full of deep intonation, broke the silence, “Your last two visits saw you endeavor to feign peace, but deigning to stymie word of the return of a true son of the Emperor.  We know what is in your heart and what you have been tasked to do.  I beg you reconsider and see the truth or return to whence you came and leave us be.”


“I cannot…  The High Lords of Terra have decreed it so.  Your attempts to inject unfounded hopes of a son, newly found, will fail.  Whatever warp-borne whispering has turned men of reason away from the Emperor’s light must be silenced.”  The reply echoed from his built-in speakers, across and up into the high ceilings, and down vast corridors.  The finality of it marked with many seconds of silence. 


“So be it…”  The same voice, now marked by sadness, uttered.  The last word trailing off, as though departing.


The Inquisitor tensed, “Steel yourselves…  Pattern-Uncas.”  The squads responded by forming defensive positions, taking cover where possible, setting weapons to fire and pointing outwards into the vast darkness of the halls.  “Lieutenant, see the lift returned to our level please, I fear we may need it…”


As the task force commander’s squad moved to secure the lift, the scream of metal doors yawned open.  Eyes latched onto them, awaiting the arrival of what, no one knew.  A slowly building rumble of footsteps began to build, and the task force members watched as nearly four score of people garbed in the same planetary defense trappings his support wore poured from a triad of hallways.  The silver star adorning their uniforms and body armor, replacing the planetary symbol originally in place.  The officer hurriedly activated the lift controls, praying for it to meet them soon.


The last engagement had them facing residents and hive natives, not a well-trained force all armed with las-rifles and pistols.  They did not point their weapons at the task force though, instead keeping them low and ready.


From the central entry, the same voice, now projected from out of the darkness.  It bore all the hallmarks of a diplomat, but carried across the expanse, reaching every corner as a voice made for the fields of battle would, “I assume you understand the position you are in, and I offer you, once again, the opportunity to see this is no blind cult, nor a movement of false intention.  Look upon me and know only He, a true son of the Emperor, could sway minds such as mine to his side.”


Heavy footfalls rang out, the only sound penetrating his ears.  He watched as the darkness of the middle entryway coalesced into the body of an “Astartes…”  The word whispered, but heard by all.  ‘So, it was true,’ Melnyk thought to himself.  Rumors had been spread, and shadow-talk spoke of the involvement of the Angels of Death, but mere words were nothing in the face of overwhelming truth borne of sight.


Astartes were nothing new to the Inquisitor.  On a few occasions, he had been in situations requiring their involvement, but always in support of his taskings.  Never had he dreamed of facing one, opposite him in conflict.


This one was clad in the infamous power armor indicative of a time best forgotten, a heresy many millennia past, but still recent in the memories of some organizations.  The sea green and white, contrasting sharply with the dark and foreboding backdrop of the atrium, identified the astartes as a member of the Inheritors.  The bonding studs combined with the baleen-like snout gave a brutish appearance, a stark contrast to the noble voice that echoed from it. 


As the Inheritor strode forward, the gathering of mortals siding with the False Primarch peeled away, opening an avenue to his retinue.  The agent watched as hesitation revealed itself in the posture of his guard, then resolve once again cemented as they tightened their formation.  The space marine’s boltgun remained clamped to his right thigh, and in his left hand the chainsword remained silent.  He gestured with his right hand, a beckoning motion, “Let us speak of this.  Allow me permission to open your mind to the reality of ou…”


His sentence was cut short as the elevator from the upper level clanged to a halt and the gates sighed open, silence.  Then, “traitor,” reverberated from the lift, a statement delivered with finality before a quick flash and the tell-tale bang of a bolter round leapt from the barrel.


The round impacted the Inheritor squarely, at the join of the right arm and its torso.  An adamantium core penetrated and shattered, into the exposed body in the wake of the high explosive impact.  The Inheritor disappeared from sight as a surge of traitor guardsmen pushed forward.  At the same time, Inquisitor Melnyk turned and smiled to himself as two astartes strode from the lift, one firing a bolter indiscriminately into the wave of traitors and the other rapidly covering the ground whilst chainsword and axe-rake growled as if they were hounds hungry for battle.  Both were clad in nearly void black armor while the silhouette of the head of a predator bird in white stood out on their pauldrons.  On helmet and knee-pad the duty-approved iconography of the Vigilants was exposed in plain-view.




‘Indeed, this time would be different…’ he thought to himself…

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+ Partisan Chapter: Firebreak +

created by Cameron M (@dizzyeye.01)




"Yes, we used to have gardens. Each brother who passed the rites of initiation would plant a flower or a bud. It served to remind us both of our origins, and our purpose. It was an indulgence granted us; a form of permanence denied us elsewhere. 
"Your surprise, that the Adeptus Astartes, the Angels of Death, would plant and nurture, is understandable, but misplaced.
"That we are killers is a fact; neither pleasant nor surprising. For us to seed a garden; to see it grow and develop under our care; to witness in life and bloom the works of our forebears... that was an act of humility, a link that told us we were still human: proof that we were more than killers. The garden symbolised an existence that we could never live, but one that – perhaps – the rest of humanity could. 
"When Frith was reaped a second time by the Pentarchy and stole our future... That is when we truly died as a chapter."
[//Extract from the Disgraced Lion Testimony. Subject FL1-7-3+]


Plagued by fate and burdened with duty, the Firebreak are a prime example of a chapter that was broken by the arrival of the Abomination. Despite the setbacks they suffered during the War of the Beasts, the Firebreak had always held true to the tenets set upon them by their predecessors.
Balanced and clear-sighted in all things, the Firebreak's declaration for Volnoscere was greeted with surprise little short of disbelief by the High Lords of Terra; distantly ignorant of their losses that drove the Chapter into the arms of their mercurial messiah. Anticipating this staunch and reserved Chapter to await direct word from Terra when confronted by either the Pentarchy or the Partisans, both sides were taken aback at the Chapter's decision to join the Partisans.
... or so the tale is told. Shrouded in doubletalk and mystery beyond even that of the others involved, the scanty records of the Firebreak include more contradiction and confusion in terms of timing and history than any save the Silver Stars themselves. 
[//You can read more about the Firebreak here on Some Things Are Best Left Forgotten.+]
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from here on Fb: 

‘And what can we say of the Adeptus Mechanicus? Famously divided and feudal, the Masters of Machines were characteristically unforthcoming during the War of the False Primarch.

‘Nero-Gollos, the Fabricator-General, famously refused to condemn the False Primarch until His defeat became inevitable – and even then, his condemnation was watery.
‘Until the very end of the War, the Adeptus Mechanicus adopted a studiedly neutral position; with individual Forgeworlds clandestinely treating with both sides.
‘Upon being challenged on this policy by the Grand Provost Marshal and the Master of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica in the infamous Brass Council, Nero-Gollos simply reiterated that the Forge worlds were sovereign entities; effectively washing his many hands of the entire affair, and indirectly leading to the independence of thought that would result in the Moirai Schism, many millennia hence.’
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from this Fb post: 


‘Quiet now, Inquisitor. Peace. You are bleeding out. Nothing can be done. If you will let me, I will make your final moments as comfortable as I can.’

‘Where? It... is not important. You ask me to show you proof of ancient xenocides; of star maps beyond; of some recorded word from the Emperor, beloved-by-all. Peace now. You have few moments left. Your nature is one of questioning; of disbelief. In that, you stand against everything he represents. In that, you can not be salved by my truths. Do I look three thousand years old to you?’
‘Since I cannot mend your body, nor would I alter your soul; I offer, then, something I hope brings your mind comfort. Here. You are cold. Here is a small truth; one you can take in to warm you, knowing you did your duty to the last breath. One you will believe.’
‘Mankind needs to know my master – he is a part of them. Here is my truth, Inquisitor. Take it with you.’
‘He came back alone.’
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