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Iron is only as strong as the flesh that wields it - Chosen WIP

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My Chaos army has been calling to me for some time now. They've been a few things previously, they were Red Corsairs to begin with, then Black Legion and now I've settled on a legion. I read Storm of Iron last month and immediately knew what I wanted to do with them.

I got a test scheme done on Saturday and absolutely loved how easy and quick it was done. I spent about 6-7 hours yesterday and bashed out another 4 models. Contrast really does work for the main 2 colours of this scheme

















Lots of Mark 3 armour (the best mark of armour), each squad will have a Comms operator and an Auspex scanner/spotter. The perks of having a large bitsbox and the army having been 2 other legions previously is that each model looks different even though there's a limited amount of sculpts for Chaos Marine bodies and legs.


I'm currently building towards a 1k list which is:


Chaos Terminator Lord with Power Axe



10 bolter Marines with 2 Plasma guns

10 bolter Marines with 2 AutoCannons

10 Chainsword marines with 2 flamers


1 Helbrute with Plasma cannon

5 Terminators


1 Rhino


I'll be adding Daemon Engines of course and maybe a small unit of cultists but I want the main force to be Legionnaries which isn't great ruleswise atm but it looks damn cool :biggrin.:


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They look fantastic! The contrast paints really did their stuff, and that's a nice IW scheme indeed. Will look really grand when you have a horde of Marines together. What are you going to do with the bases?


Massed Marines may not be the best thing around but they'll do a job and more than that they'll look amazing on the table :D I've found 20 Marines in a squad a nuisance to shift even with them only having 1W, I've yet to field it myself as I need to paint enough Marines :sweat:

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Can't go wrong with Daemon Engines though I may be biased :P These came out great, I'm also wondering about what base scheme you might go for. Massed Marines might not be great currently but lots of Marines on the table looks amazing which surely draws the eyes of the dice gods at least a little? :lol:

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Thank you both!


The bases will be red/orangey sand with debris and bits of destroyed vehicles, I've done the red sand for all of my most recent projects and really like the colour, it'll pop quite well with the drab silver I think.


Daemon Engines for Iron Warriors are a must, I've got 2 Venom Crawlers and a couple of Forgefiends and a Helturkey to add. The backlog for this army is quite sizeable :sweat:

My Gaming Group is a very relaxed berr and pretzels kinda group, masses of marines may have a hard time but I have no doubt I can make them work :biggrin.: The Rule of Cool presides over all :yes: 

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They are looking great - I particularly like the purple cloth, its a great use of spot colour.  What paint(s) did you use for it?


Thank you Dr! I use the purple/burgundy on every project in some capacity, usually loin cloth, capes and robes etc, as I absolutely love the colour. All it is, is: Barak-Nur Burgundy - Nuln oil - Screamer pink highlights


They look fantastic. The extra time spent on the eye lenses has really paid off


Cheers Marshall! After doing a Craftworlds project and painting most bobbles on the models as Spirit Stones, a couple of lense per model is an absolute dream :biggrin.:


Back to staples at 1k, like it. Looking forwards to seeing the lord and termi's. 


I've found building and painting to lists and time limits, really helps me get my head down and get it done. As this force will be my Crusade list, I'll be aiming to get 1K done or mostly done in a month. After that it'll be adding whatever I'm wanting to add to my Roster :happy.:


I built the Warsmith last week but he will be one of the last models I paint for the 1K (gotta treat myself of course :biggrin.:)







A while ago I traded my deathwatch army that hadn't seen table time for a long time, for about 30 Wraithguard/blades and a load of rogue trader Rhino/Predator/Vindicators.

They need work as they had fallen into disrepair and were painted with wall paint but there were enough bits in there to make 4 Rhinos, a Predator and a Vindicator. I'm usually totally against most vehicles being on bases but the old RT chasis is tiny and with the right basing I think I can make them look naturally bigger. Here's the first one (and the one that didn't have wall paint on :dry.: ):






I built the termie last night but didn't get around to taking a photo of them


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Thank you Putrid! Mixing in Cataphractii, Mark 3 armour and the old Rhinos really pushes home the Iron Warriors looking after their kit and keeping it around after 10k years. If it works, keep fixing it until it's unsalvagable! :biggrin.:


The Terminators were built a couple of days ago but I didn't manage to get photos, again using Cataphractti bits and a mix of heads. It would be almost impossible for Traitor forces to get 100% of one specific mark of armour and share it out I would imagine!




And Contrast paints are down on the next 5 marines!



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Cheers Xen :happy.:

The 1K points gets me my Crusade starting roster (we're playing with points not PL, much better balance IMO), from there I'll add units that fits with the force or gaps that I have or stuff I want to paint. My Chaos backlog is rather sizeable with a huge amount of units that I can pull from :sweat: I'm also working on Admech atm, so I'll be dividing my attention when I've painted 1K

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I can't take credit for it, it's a Duncan special!

It's just Basilicum Grey all over Leadbelcher, Snakebite Leather for the bronze, Highlight silver with Stormhost silver (I use Ironbreaker because I couldn't find my Stormhost), highlight the bronze with Sycorax Bronze. The black parts are just Corvus black with Dawnstone highlights and Yellow is pure Averland with Agrax slapped on the edges. Nice and easy!:biggrin.:

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I finished off the next 5 guys for the first 10 man squad, and also got their bases done too. It's the most I've done for bases tbh, it's usually sand and grass tufts. Debris, sand, pipes, girders, chunks of buildings, roadblocks and of course you can't have an IW army without some barbed wire :wink:


































Next up is a close combat marine squad!

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I've started on the next 5 marines, this time for the CQB squad. I've highlighted the bronze but plenty more to get done. Are 2 flamers in a CQB squad any good? I have no idea but they look cool so it's a win for me :biggrin.:




I've also mocked up a Dark Apostle, I figured that since my force isn't leaning super heavily into raving fanatics that the Apostle's buffs are actually just his tactical knowledge and planning. I'm not 100% sure the hand on the mace handle looks quite natural







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Looking great!

The hand on the mace looks fine to me!

I like your interpretation of how an Iron Warriors Dark Apostle might operate. In my Night Lords force, my Dark Apostle buffs nearby Nostromans because he is a Painmaster.

Painmaster Nightgaunt does not rant on about the glories of worshipping Chaos. Instead the Night Lords respect and admire his genius ability to creatively torture and murder the foe.


I need to try out your purple recipe at some point.

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Your painted minis look excellent, and the brown of the base is a nice contrast to the mini colours and really brings them out.  Also neat to see a purple plasma gun - it really works with your models.


As for the dark apostle, I would put the mace going string up and down as in the current position its unclear why it isn't falling over.  That would allow you to tuck the map table in closer to the model - I'm not a fan of models overhanging their bases, but I recognize that may not be something that bugs you - in which case the apostle would be pointing at the far arrow on the table.


I'm really enjoying seeing your army come together.

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Thank you both!


TC, it definitely fits for some legions more than others to be honest, IW and NL are the two that I think of straight away! I also managed to snag the Maloghurst model on pre-order before it sold out, which will become an Exalted Champion with a banner. I'm also working on a Warpsmith based on the Harken Worldclaimer model but I'm just waiting on some more bits. Lots to do!


Thank you Dr, I'm definitely thinking of making the maul Vertical and having his hand rest on top. It definitely looks like it's fallen over and he's trying to catch it!



I got the Yellow blocked in on the next 5 guys:




Also managed a quick sneak picture of the 1K list as it is so far:



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Finished the other 5 marines yesterday and based the whole squad. That's 20 total now!















Maloghurst arrived yesterday too so I made an Exalted Champion/Chaos Lord proxy. It's a shame there's no ancient analogue



Tidied up the Dark Apostle, way better now and also made the Disciples too



The Krieg are great for me, I was thinking about cultists and these guys look perfect! Slightly more armoured that a 6+ save but more of the organised look I was going for

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