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=][= The inquisition in 9th ed?

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Welcome back :smile.: You can field some Inquisition forces but the pickings are sadly rather slim. It isn't good to be a "mini codex" these days, but further compounded by the fact that GW doesn't seem to know what to do with the Inquisition.


The best way to run an Inquisition force is alongside another army, that way you can flesh out the army with much needed support and roles as well as keep it lore friendly. If you want a more dedicated Inquisitional force feel the Guard can provide this with a Stormtrooper force. Though this is another victim of GW's "fire and forget" mini codex approach it fits the theme perfectly and gives you some things to work with like decent infantry and transports, even if this is short on heavier fire power.


Some have played such an army in the past and it worked, albeit not particularly strong. It might work better in 9th with the extra focus on objectives and the like. I suggest looking into Stormtroopers a bit more to see what your options are and if they'll work for you (the barracks is a good place if you have questions), they could also be a good way to start on a Guard force to supplement if you're after some heavier units - it's easy for an Inquisitor to requisition a regiment for his needs after all :wink:


Keep us updated on your progress :tu:

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So in terms of running a Stormtroopers force, you would in rules terms take a Patrol or Battalion of Militarum Tempestus.


Inquisitors all have the "Agents of the Imperium" rule, which lets you include one in each Imperium Patrol/Battalion/Brigade detachment. They also have a 1 cp strat to gain a WL-trait and relic without being your actual WL.


So you can take that MT-patrol/bat and plug one in there (No Brigade for MT due to lack of fast attack/heavy support choices)


For an actual Inquisition detachment, the available choices are all HQs and Elites, so the only viable one is a Vanguard detachment. And you have a pretty small selection to use currently.

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Running an Inquisition army is pretty hard in 9th- the WD mini-codex that we got is pretty terrible for making the Inquisition anything other than an add-on to another army with how restrictive it is. You can have one Inquisitor per non-Inquisition detachment, or only 1 Inquisitor in a Inquisition detachment (which can only be a Vanguard Detachment as the Inq list only has HQs and Elites). Running an Inquisition detachment is a serious blow to CP, so most people just use the Agents of the Imperium rule and take an Inquisitor for their psyker buffs.


I decided to go with a Tempestus Scions list that has a couple of attached Inquisitors that are used for psychic support and shenanigans. It is themed, but so far works pretty good as an all-around army (even did decent against a couple of Knight lists without much anti-tank).


This is my current list-


Tempestus Scions (Lambda Lions)

1x Battalion, 1x Patrol


Agents of the Imperium

2x Inquisitors (set up as one Malleus w/WL trait for more psyker stuff and the other is a small pysker)



3x Tempestor Primes 

2x Primaris Psykers 



2x Tempestus command squads (3x melta, 3x nades, 2x vox)

1x Astropath



8x Scion Squads (3x 5man bare bones, 4x 10man w/4 plasma, 1x 6 man w/1 plasma)



4x Taurox Primes w/gatling, volleygun, storm bolter



1x Valkyrie w/lascannon, missiles, heavy bolters


General idea is to have the Inquisitors, a Tempestor, the Astropath, the Primaris Psykers, and the 6-man squad in the Valkyrie and have it be a big ole distraction carnifex. The other scions are in the Taurox or deepstrike reserve, and the army as a whole puts out a lot of AP -3 firepower. Really annoying against SM as they have a ton of 6+ saves to make.

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I'd presume if you're looking to run an inquisition army, you're not looking to play a highly competitive game. I'm fortunate enough that my gaming group are happy to lower their power level a little if I'm bringing my Inquisition.

As the others have said, easiest and most efficient way to run inquisition is to plug in a single inquisitor into a guard or marine detachment. If you want to bring more inquisition stuff like acolytes, jokaeros etc you need to bring a vanguard but the 3CP cost is always never worth it if you want to be competitive.

Talk to your opponents, as I said I'm fortunate and my group let me take my inq vanguard and waive the CP cost, treating them more like guard auxiliar not breaking my guard detachments abilities.

Bear in mind I am generally playing against 9th edition codexes and because guard aren't in a particularly competitive place already it's not like I'm gaining any real advantage and in fact am hampering myself.

I guess this allowance would probably change if I started bringing a min/maxed guard army with leman Russ and full payload manticore spam etc...

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Now that White Dwarf has printed a couple sets of Crusade rules, it's time for me to start writing in to bug them about doing it for the Inquisition; while I'd love an Imperial Agents dex, I'm not going to hold my breath. Inquisition are one of the best candidates for Crusade content.


I mention Crusade specifically because I've found it to be one way of improving Inquisition detachments.

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