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Plunder Episode II Recruitment


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Hello all!


I'm starting a new post for a bit more exposure...


So, the first Episode of the Iron Gods (Deathwatch) Play-By-Post RPG 'To Plunder the Stars Themselves' has come to an end. We've had some fun times; engaging in piracy, facing down enemies from xenos filth to ecclesiastical hordes to giant robots, making emergency warp jumps to escape from the backs of dying spaceships, and more besides!


Link to Episode 1


But the game is not ended. In Episode II, there will be new adventures to be had, new questions to be answered. What is the 'Pride of Kings'? Who is Holger? Will Svelk blow himself up with that second Melta Bomb? What is Vesalius going to do with those Bulkhead Shears? :lol:


If you'd like to be part of the game, we are looking for new villains to join Talek Varn's motley crew of rogues and cutthroats!


Ideally I'd like to increase Kill-Team Cutlass to a full unit of 10 Astartes, with a full complement of Specialists. That means we are looking for:

1 Techmarine

1 Tactical Marine

1 Assault Marine

1 Devastator Marine


to join our existing all-star cast:

The Traveller, Tactical Marine (Commissar Molotov)

Brynjarr, Tactical Marine (Trokair)

Svelk, Assault Marine (Beren)

Decimus, Devastator Marine (Black Cohort)

Vesalius, Apothecary (Necronaut)

Odysseus, Librarian (A.T.)



If you would be interested in taking part, please send me a PM with details of your ideas regarding which of the available character slots above you would like to play. As with Episode I, DON'T POST SPECIFIC CHARACTER IDEAS HERE! - A big part of the fun of playing anonymous scoundrels from across the galaxy is that no-one knows who their squadmates really are, and everyone has to rely on assumptions and guesswork!


Once I (hopefully) have some PMs, I'll send each new player a pdf where I've collated all of the amendments to the DW Character Creation stuff, and a link to a Character Sheet to fill out. Then you can start rolling dice and spending XP!


Link to the Iron Gods Index Traitoris, plus other background stuff, short stories, and miniatures.



Thanks for reading!



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Hi all,


Just a heads up that we now have 2 of our 4 slots filled, the Tac and Tech Marines.


So if you would like to play an Assault or Dev Marine, please do send me a PM with your character ideas!


Edit: Clarification made!




As to starting Episode II, would everyone be happy with Fri Sept 3?

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