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Expansion Ideas for Rise of the Orks Game

Brother Tyler

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I was hoping for some expansions to Rise of the Orks :sad.: so that the rest of those models would be available but looks like that isn't happening.




I was hoping for some expansions to Rise of the Orks :sad.: so that the rest of those models would be available but looks like that isn't happening.


Me too.....


Me, too.


With Labyrinth of the Necrons, we were given two expansions that both provided additional Space Marine miniatures (from the Space Marine Heroes series 1) and additional missions for the game. The Labyrinth of the Necrons game gave us three "levels" which were expanded with two missions, one in each of the expansions. The Rise of the Orks game, meanwhile, has only given us one mission and five miniatures, leaving five of the terminator models in Space Marine Heroes series 2 unavailable and not much replay value in the game. Both of the expansions for Labyrinth of the Necrons were published before the second game in the series, Rise of the Orks came out. The presumed precedent here is that each game and all of its expansions will be published before GW will move on to the next game. With the third game in the series to be available in about a week, if the presumption is true, it doesn't look like we'll get any expansions for Rise of the Orks. Hopefully the presumption is incorrect, but just in case, I thought it would be an interesting idea to come up with expansion ideas.


The expansions for Labyrinth of the Necrons each included 3 Space Marine miniatures and a new mission. Both used the tiles that were available in the base game. Rise of the Orks, meanwhile, uses a single-sided mapboard, so map options are limited unless expansions include ways to change the map (perhaps hexes or sections that are placed over areas of the original map). If expansions do something a bit more drastic, the box might change from what we saw in the Labyrinth of the Necrons expansions. I don't think it would be right to be too limiting here - the only real limitation I can think of might be to confine any expansion idea to no more than 3 of the Space Marine Heroes series 2 miniatures that weren't included in the Rise of the Orks game. Since one of the limited models from that series was included in the game, it should be fine to include any other limited models from that series in expansions.


So what kind of ideas can we come up with for expanding this game?


If nothing else, we can develop workable ideas into files that players might download for personal use.

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Looking at THIS, there's really only two weapon loadouts not already covered in the Base Game, the Captain with fist and Combi-melta, and the twin Lightning claws. So if we were to decide on two expansions, adding these loadouts/characters would make sense.


For expanding the missions, I think the best way forward is to follow the narrative. The mission in RotO is to prevent the Orks from destroying the shield and denying them entrance into the Hive. The last (Commander) difficulty is .... challenging .... and I think additional missions should be either preventing the Orks from getting into the Hive in other ways, or battling them inside the Hive.


Designing new tiles to be placed on top of the board also makes sense. One option that springs to  mind is a Space Hulk esk mission, turning the map into rooms and corridors, maybe with a VIP or Tech extraction. Another could be a reverse of the original misssion, where the Orks start on the board, and Terminators need to fight their way in to activate things, or plant explosives, or whatever.

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