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Sid's Homegrown Rules

Brother Sidonius

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This topic is a place for all my Homegrown Rules to be collated in one place. Each project will be separated into it’s own section and a link to the files from the project will be provided. I am currently working on two projects simultaneously; Sid's Rebalanced 40K, which aims to FAQ as much derp and cheese out of the game as possible to make matched play more fun and balanced, and Sid’s Open Play 40K, which overhauls the entire game to include older mechanics like armour values, blast markers and flamer templates. Eventually I also hope to write some Campaigns which will of course be called Sid's Narrative 40K. This whole thing is a giant work in progress so stay tuned for updates as they come!

A quick note on the Rebalance project, since each file is no bigger than a typical FAQ, their rules can be found in the support topic in addition to the downloadable file. This allows them to be viewed and used more easily.


Core Rules (Download)



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