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Drop Pods and Subsequent Movement


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A bit rusty, wanted to confirm my interpretation of the following:


A Drop Pod arrives during the reinforcement step and it's cargo are immediately set up within 3". Is it correct that the squad can not perform a Normal Move or Advance because:

  • The Transport counts as having moved (The Drop Pod rules override the Disembarkation point only)
  • It is prohibited by the Reinforcement rules
  • We are now in the Reinforcement step rather than the Move step

Next, a query:


A Dreadnought Drop Pod arrives and disgorges a Librarian Dreadnought. In the Psychic phase it wishes to cast Wings of Sanguinius, is this permitted?

  • S:BA, pg 51 - If manifested, this Psyker can make a Normal Move or Fall Back as if it were your Movement phase
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I believe, no, it cannot move with WoS.


The core rules state:


Reinforcement units cannot make a Normal Move, Advance, Fall,

Back or Remain Stationary in the turn they arrive for any reason, but
they can otherwise act normally (shoot, charge, fight etc.).
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Does Advanced > Basic no longer apply?


I think that's an older mentality from when the rules were simpler to be honest.


Unless it specifically says it can override something, it doesn't iirc.


The precedent for this was Warptime for Chaos. It got FAQd in 8th and then the core rules were tightened up for 9th to include it.

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