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Custodes predictions and best guesses

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I've pulled the trigger on the Emperor's own Legion myself and have currently assembled and undercoated my first ever Custodes squad. As always, it gets exciting this close to a new release so I thought I'd have a bit of fun and make some predictions and wild guesses as to how things will likely go with the new Codex.


And I want to hear your ideas too! What do you think will happen?


So in no particular order, here's some thoughts:


Rapid Fire 2 Mastercrafted Bolters in the Guardian Spears. Custodes don't hurt for melee prowess but really struggle for shooting and this is a simple but effective fix and force multiplier.


Dropping of 3+ Invulnerable saves is incredibly likely. They might keep 4+ to save and the shield just grant a +1 to armour saves, but it's highly unlikely we'll see anymore 3+ Invulnerable saves in an army nowadays.


• Strategums that place emphasis on force multiplication, so your limited numbers can get where they need to be and 4 dudes can feasibly take on 20 enemies and win. Shoot twice, rapid fire at 24", damage carries over as if Mortal Wounds... that sort of thing.


Mortal Wounds resistance someway in there.


Damage 2 and 3 Guardian Spears and Axes. It'll have to happen. Custodes will just not have enough consistency again big bads and heavy infantry alike.


What do you think then guys?

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Rapid fire 2 bolters


Spears to d2, axes to d3. If that does happen I am interested to see if the aquilon terminators have a buff to their powerfist. Sword might move to damage 2 but stay strength user.


SoS will be integrated in some way. I hope it will be a bit like DW where a sister can be included with custodes in a squad. I think though they will just go the easy route though and not do this. I think much of our mortal wound resistance (certainly to psychic) will come from SoS.


I wouldnt be surprised if the Bike Capt lost the 3++ along with shields. I would prefer if we kept the 4++ though pan army.


I would like for salvo launchers to become flat 4 damage rather than D6.


A strat that enables a unit to do the equivalent of a sweep attack would be cool to really chop through chaff.


A lot of our variable damage weapons will become flat damage. I would love if they had a rend mechanic on some of them if it is fluffy.

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I know it's most likely a vain hope but... I really wish Custodes would stay without penalties for souping. At least I believe currently that is still the case, as it is for Imperial Guard (which I hope would get to keep that state too)? That is, of course, in cases where each faction has their own valid Battle-Forged detachment. It'd help making them playable for me at least in some fashion without having to resort to expensive FW units. I've been meaning to try an allied list of the two, meaning mostly tanks from the Guard side, but just never got around to finishing painting the Custodes portion. It's still mostly just golden basecoat. The 1000p of Custodes infantry alone would be suicide, given zero anti-tank capability especially at range.

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